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Need More Info Lost 4 hours progress due to lost savegame

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Yes, I used mods.
When I started up Bannerlord today, the savegame I made by save and exiting yesterday was not among the list of loadable savegames. The most recent one was from a different session before that. So I lost a couple hours progress
When I look at the game saves folder in documents>Mount and Blade II Bannerlord, it says the "Native" file in the Game Saves folder has been modified at the exact time I "save and exited" yesterday. However when I opened the folder, I could not find any savegame from that date. Have they been moved or did I lose them? I have no idea what happened. I haven't named my save game anything recognisable so searching for it has been difficult, but I do have a exact date and time of when the save was made.

Lag R Aus

OS and version? let me guess, Win 10 Ver 20H2.

If so, search for your save file name.sav where you have M&B installed, it might be in another folder there.

Currently I cannot access any saves, old or new, as my Saved Games screen remains empty.


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Unfortunately, we cannot offer technical support for modded games and we need to be sure that mods aren't causing the problems. Check out our full statement regarding modding related issues. Could you please try removing all of your mods following the instructions on this article and update us if the problem persists? Thanks!
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