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We are aware that a big portion of our players is using modifications that are being created by our amazing modding community. Although we aim to support our modding community as much as we can in the future, we can't offer support to the issues that occur on modded games.

Being an Early Access game means that the game will be in constant development for the time being. This means frequent updates to the base game and the beta branch means that the modifications that need to be updated or incompatible/broken modifications with every patch we deploy.

The reason why we can't support issues that occur on modded games is that we can't debug the modifications. We simply can't know how all the modifications work, what it changes, wherein which code it alters etc. We can't allocate our time to solve modification-related issues while we have to fix the issue that resulted from our own end first.

On top of this, the nature of our game is a sandbox/simulation game, rather than a linear experience means that most of the time reproducing a single bug will depend on so many factors to come together. This means, in other words, they are really hard to reproduce on our end.

Your best chance of resolving an issue with modification would be to contact the modification developers directly. If you believe that the issue is not related with the modification and it is an issue that occurs from our end, we still need a reproduction of the same issue in a game that is up to date, unmodded and on a fresh save.

Thanks for your patience, collaboration and sorry for any inconvenience!
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