1. Please give advice? I'm broke.

    Hi, I got screwed on Bannerlord. Everything was great at first... I had about 300.000, I had 4 companions, a wife, a big army and some castles. I lost one battle after another, I was kidnapped, I lost another battle and then I ran out of money. Now I'm losing around 2000 money every day, so I...
  2. In Progress Random companion leaving/disappearing due to quest companion counting as a normal companion PS4

    Summary: So i took a quest from a lord to mentor his son, problem is he joins like a normal companion making my companion limit go over the limit and this forces a random companion to be "lost" and the wiki says they dissapeared... Meaning they are gone for good... (waited for two weeks to make...
  3. Riffraff99

    Developer tired of M&B?

    I am asking my self why Bannerlord looks how it looks, i mean Warband was a kind of M&B 1 Reforger two years after release of M&B 1 and when i am looking at BL and its SP roadmap (?!) i just wonder what happened to the spirit of Tale Worlds :sad:
  4. Modded Lost 4 hours progress due to lost savegame

    When I started up Bannerlord today, the savegame I made by save and exiting yesterday was not among the list of loadable savegames. The most recent one was from a different session before that. So I lost a couple hours progress When I look at the game saves folder in documents>Mount and Blade II...
  5. UK-Tranquillity

    Velvet Weavery doesn't make any money... Why!? - Tranquillity - Video Thread

    First video:? After months ingame my velvet weavery still wasn't making ANY money. But why!? I went to find out why... Hope you enjoy!
  6. Where is my kid?

    So my wife just recently gave birth. According to the encyclopedia, it says my kid should be in chaikland. Went to the castle, tavern, and walked around town and couldn't find him. Checked the city I owned, not there. Waited a few days, still said he was in chaikland. Help, I'm scared. He's a...
  7. Need More Info Missing companion

    Im not sure if this is a map issue or what, but I sent my favorite companion Shemyr Frostbeard on a quest for one of the people in Marunath to go fight 5 bandit groups. Come 10 days later I try to see where hes at to have him rejoin the party and in the members screen of the clan tab it just...
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