1. Lornloth00

    Peerage ProcGen names for Companion Clans

    Could we get a button that generates names for peerage clans? In character creation the game has some very good character and clan names for the player that are generated making character creation easier so it would be nice to have the same for companion clans instead of having something dumb or...
  2. Count_Morfetico

    Do you think bannerlord would benefit from a smaller map and less clans?

    Ok, so, I normally like to think things in their contextualized complexity... but I've been watching some videos of people playing warband's campaign, and was thinking if one of the problems of Bannerlord is that the map is huge in comparison with warband's and there are SO MANY of them clans...
  3. yannis390

    BL Coding Crash when any form of clans xml is loaded from my mod

    So whenever I run the game with my mod it will crash about 30 seconds of letting in game time pass. Either walking around the overworld map or waiting in a town. My mod only touches xmls, and specifically, whenever there is a clans xml loading from my mod this crash will happen. It doesn't...
  4. xXGodz__ZeusXx

    KIngdom Of Atria

    NA with some EU and SA Rank structure Organized Formations Battle Events Rp Tournaments occasional raffles will be playing Bannerlord multiplayer Mods such as Persistent Kingdoms Crpg and other multiplayer mods Renown Arma usually bring 15-30 members to events.
  5. Bjorn The Broken

    What does clan system serve in gameplay?

    On the player side of things, being a clan is good. You can form big army with them, you can form caravan with your clan member, you can send them do quest etc. These are good things to have and I appreciate it. But on the side of npcs, what being a clan does in the gameplay other than making...
  6. Danijongo

    Where's everyone? What am I missing?

    So at any given time via steam hubs/stats you can see Bannerlord as a whole has about 13,000 players on average concurrently. At the same time It's practically impossible to find a game on multiplayer, ignoring the occasional 30-50 players spread apart between two servers at the custom...
  7. Recruit Faction leading clan

    Was wondering why in sandbox mode you cannot recruit the leading clans of a faction, the south empire only has Petheros (leading clan) left in the faction with 78 strength. Its a waste of a potentially strong clan to just sit around and wonder the world poor and making a random war with most...
  8. RozBritanicus

    Clans need spice

    I was thinking how to make the game world more alive and thought if the clans could feud with each other or make alliances or pacts . The kingdom work and we have peace and was but what if a family like or hated your family and there were in another kingdom. If the kingdoms went to war they may...
  9. Remnant_Kaewyn

    The New Oceanic Bannerlord Community Discord!

    With the arrival of custom servers just on the horizon and the introduction of the OC_Battle server, the Oceanic Bannnerlord Community has returned in force. Newly created by the leaders of three of the most active clans in Oceania to be a place where the community can gather, interact and...
  10. Looking For a Clan

    Came back around to Bannerlord and I'm loving MP. Looking for an active clan to play with. Anything Masonic related is a huge plus
  11. Bizzare issue with promoting a companion

    So here's the following steps that took place: I lead my own faction. I took over a castle from an enemy. I spo2ke to one of my companions "Jythea the Wronged" and granted her the castle I just took, which creates a clan with her as the leader. Two days later I am forced to grant the same castle...
  12. Ask

    Do NPC clans have a limit to the amount of parties they can have like the player's clan?

    So you know how the player's clan can have up to like 4-5 total parties roaming around the map depending on the clan tier and that one perk that gives an extra party. Do NPCs have this limit as well, or can they have more parties?
  13. Ferisko

    Clan roles

    Greetings forum members, Right now lords are like headless chikens waging war 24/7, since we have party roles and party/kingdom stances, what if we added a role for 3 clan members? The clan representative. The clan representative should be per default the clan leader, this party would be the...
  14. About Inheritance - small and simple (can be done later with TW accepts)

    One thing that is bit sad is when your hero (the one you playing) dies, you lose all his gear and inventory.. So, I was thinking of something very simple. When the heroes or member of your clan dies (your clan, since the AI randomly gives gears and not unique weapons to lords), I notice that...
  15. Soldier93

    Clans death

    Some clans in my Kingdom sometimes they risk to be extinguished just because they don't reproduce enough heirs. I think this should be fixed as it's quite frustrating in terms of gameplay.
  16. PeasantOP

    Dynamic Clans, Relations(Discriminations), and Power Struggle

    Clans in warband and bannerlord are the same, stagnant. Makes it quite obvious for players to go for the higher tier clans, but if clans were to rise and fall in tiers, WELL THEN GOOD SIR! Investing in a low tier clan with friendlier(friendly because open to opportunities) and less...
  17. Lazregamesh

    Can clans expand besides marriages?

    Can they recruit companions? I have a 2 man clan that are not related. Curious to know if they would expand and become a bigger clan if i gave them care and love (Money and fiefs) Thanks!
  18. drakopirate

    [KSE] Knights of the Silver Eagle [NA]

    KNIGHTS OF THE SILVER EAGLE A mercenary clan operating out of NA. We will host NA native servers when possible. We are currently not recruiting. We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield. Contact
  19. Subversion

    Short War without battle, by attacking the secondary statistics of a empire. Long Every empire is made up of 3 levels the Nation, Clans, Settlement. These each have Resources that when accrued create a more effect piece in the structure, helping the other levels. Relying on the unused Roguery...
  20. Immersive Clans

    Couldn't think of a better name and decided to go the skyrim route. My idea is simple, currently there are 2 paths to victory 1. National Hero, you rise through the ranks and lead your people to victory 2. Unifyer, through dogged determination you bring the numerous lords under your control but...
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