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recruiting lords

  1. Need More Info Neutral Clans can not be recruited to kingdom

    When a clan has been kicked out of a kingdom, you are no longer able to recruit them to your kingdom, which makes no sense. Like even with good reputation and talking to the clan leader, the option to ask them to join your kingdom is simply missing.
  2. Sir Squirrel

    Companions recruiting Lords

    No, not in an army. They're treated as normal foot soldier. Three Lords are in my companion parties before I noticed it. I haven't tried disbanding their party and hope the problem fixes itself.
  3. End game is impossible.

    Snowballing is the obvious issue, but there's a lot of intricacies that make it such an issue. For one, there's no limit to how big an army can get. So bigger factions have bigger armies, which helps them snowball harder. Secondly, bigger factions are more attractive to AI lords. So they...
  4. Vassal recruitment bugged

    Summary: I convinced Tulag to join the Southern Empire as a vassal and now I'm in an endless war dialouge with him even though he is now in the Southern Empire How to Reproduce: ??? Quest/Settlement Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: e1.09 Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10...
  5. After recruiting a lord in my kingdom he left 5 min after, I don't know why

    Hi, I've just created my kingdom and tried to persuade a lord from the "dey Cortain" clan to join my Kingdom. He accepted and then he left few minutes after without knowing why. Our paths crossed again and I've been able to recruit him without persuading him (I guess I've already done it last...
  6. Hairy Yahoo

    Frustration of Recruiting a Lord to your Kingdom & Possible Solution

    Hello, In warband, we had lords who wish to join our kingdom waiting for us in capital of our kingdom. In bannerlord we have no lords coming to our castles/tows to be able to join our side. You have to find and persuade every lord for that. Ok still seems not big of a problem right? Now it is...
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