1. Make marriage more balanced

    In my opinion marriage, as it is now, is kind of incoherent with what the game allows you to do if playing as a female character: playing a female character allows you to do everything a male character would do, basically stating that there's no difference between genders in Calradia, EXCEPT...
  2. Unresolved Unable to remove companion from clan? No option on clan sceeen or when speaking to them. Playing on xbox.

    Summary: can't remove companion from clan talking or How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which:no Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Xbox
  3. xXGodz__ZeusXx

    Kingdom Of Atria NA and EU

    NA with some EU and SA Come play with us for large-scale events like the one we host every Saturday One of the most active clans training for those that want to get better Casual, Captians and comp players Rank structure Organized Formations Battle Events Rp Mods that we currently play CRPG ...
  4. Heraldic armor

    Please add Heraldic armor in Bannerlord. It was very nice in Warband when it shows your banner on your armor and we need it in Bannerlord. Me and my clan really miss it!
  5. Lornloth00

    Giving up their gear after death and peerage

    When we raise up companion through peerage to lords or when clan members die could the game give back the characters' equipment back to the player? And if the player strips the character of their gear during peerage can they be in their civilian clothing after the player strips them of their...
  6. Change Mercenary Clan Behavior

    If I am a mercenary, I should be paid at least half of my total troop wages for my party and clan, additional wages could be obtained through battle loot.
  7. xXGodz__ZeusXx

    NA Other Open Kingdom Of Atria Saturday Battle Event

    Kingdom Of Atria Saturday Battle Event Server: Atria Saturday Event Discord: Zeus#5984 Date: Three Saturdays a month 10/8/2022 first event 9PM EST Head Admin: Zack_Atria unless i am playing. Looking for more unbiased Admins...
  8. VincentW

    Knighthood Order of Pars [Coming Soon]

    !!This page is Work in Progress!! If you wish to inquire about this Bannerlord Clan / Order or would like to me on this journey, please contact me on steam [Link] Regards, Vincent..
  9. [Nr49]Guderian

    (South America) QRN | Sacra Ordem dos Cavaleiros Quarentinos

    (THIS IS A SOUTH AMERICAN CLAN) Olá, sou Guderian, líder de um dos primeiros clans a participar da comunidade brasileira Estou aqui com o propósito de recrutar mais membros e trazer mais pessoas para a comunidade multiplayer de Bannerlord Os ideais do nosso clã são baseados em lealdade...
  10. Clan/kingdom Banners and colours!

    Since the game came out originally, I've been thinking that the banners being simplified and colour coded was a downgrade from Warband. I think that it would not just add quality but personality to the game to have the clans and kingdoms have their own creative and colourful banners as well as...
  11. K

    Kingdom Of Atria

    Join our discord everyone is welcome from pro to noob. our events are NA but we do accept all time zones.
  12. Tagmata [TmT]

    Tagmata [TmT]

    Hola muy buenas comunidad española del Bannerlord TmT, es un clan formado por veteranos del juego, que llevan jugando desde los inicios del Warband, con experiencia en los diferentes mods (Native, NW) Somos gente con experiencia en clanes, y hemos decidido formar un clan español en el...
  13. Lornloth00

    Wedding attire & being paid for marriage offers

    The wedding cut scene is missing wedding attire like a wedding dress for the brides and maybe special clothing for the grooms. Also I think that using the same exact priest that looks exactly the same is questionable. Each culture ought to have wedding clothing for the bride, the groom and the...
  14. Mount&Blade Latinoamérica

    Mount&Blade Latinoamérica Admin General Facebook / Server & Discord: -Patricio Andres Rain Flores (Pato) -Franco Nicolas Martinez (el_miniums)...
  15. Outkast

    Join the Company of the Golden Lions!

    The Company of the Golden Lions are Recruiting! We are the Golden Lion Company; a North American and English speaking clan designed to give YOU the best experience possible while playing Bannerlord. With this community, we want to create an environment where anyone could succeed on the...
  16. Eternal_1


  17. five bucks

    Family members and companions always look unhappy to see you - need a relations boost!

    In the current state of the game, I can build up 50 relations with a potential love interest and they will be happy to see me with a big wide smile ?, but after the marriage when they join my clan they instantly reset to 0 relations, and look at me with complete disinterest at every interaction...
  18. Customising starting family

    Hi, when starting a new game in campaign or more specifically sandbox, I think it would be an interesting idea to give the option to customise your starting family, for example the number of siblings you have, their age and gender and so forth, so far you have 3 siblings in campaign which is ok...
  19. Diplomacy, War, Politics

    This is one of my pet peeves/hopeful areas of improvement and my take on what would fix things: The problem: Factions declare war, make peace, and otherwise decide things as one single unit. In a game called Bannerlord you'd expect there to be some functional difference between a clan and a...
  20. Svenald

    Sons of Rurik [SoRU] - NA

    The Sons of Rurik are Recruiting SoR is an NA MnBII: Bannerlord clan with plenty of room to grow as well as a long history. We've been around for 3+ years total; 1 under the SoR name and 2 under our old name House Brightfyre. SoR strives for a competitive environment without the toxicity of d*ck...
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