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  1. Hugo_Skywalker

    More live and new clans in Calradia!

    Hi guys, I was thinking about, make possible give a noble title to companions, give to nobles more babies. So if the clan start to have a lot of people, they make a division between the family making a second family. I prefer if they change the system of field like in Warband. Is really cool...
  2. What stat is mandatory for Marriage?

    When I try to offer my relatives for marriage, they would only accept my brother, but not my sons. They are lvl 20+ and have decent stats, so should be fit for marriage. What stat is it that determines whether one is accepted for marriage or not? So far noone could tell.
  3. Hi eveyone, in my paythrough the general(in general clan) are spawning like rabbits.

    Hi there, sorry I cannot attach any photo because I just registered. In my 1.60 playthrough I notice the general's clan in all the vanilla factions are spawning up to 100+.. Is the general's clan a vanille feature or it is part of any mod? I am experiencing difficulty of finding it out. Please...
  4. Userre

    Suggestion: #MakeMercsGreatAgain (A post advocating for an increase in the strength of mercenary units and mercenary clans)

    In the real medieval / classical times, mercenaries were often incredibly powerful tools. This is because mercenaries were often highly experienced and were well equipped. It was quite expensive to hire mercenaries, but it was well worth it for states that couldn't reliably retain armies in...
  5. [OSOD] Imperator

    [OSOD] Swords of Damarius (NA/EU) - Recruiting

    Introduction The Swords of Damarius is one of the oldest groups in the Bannerlord community. And the first RP group in the NA NW community, named the Fisters. The Iron Fister blessed be his name, decided to venture into Bannerlord and create OSOD as two of his friends wanted him to. And hence...
  6. Apocal

    Resolved [1.6.0] Cannot marry off nephew, no reason given.

    Summary: When trying to marry off my nephew, the marriage dialogue initiates successfully but will not allow accepting the match. It only provides the back-out option. How to Reproduce: In the save game, talk to Ulman, offer to join houses through marriage as normal. Offer the hand of Bandan...


    Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/k4qZPSb6vQ Our Clan Was Formed By A Group Of Experienced Warriors Gathering Together. We are playing Captain Mode. Our Basic Mission is to Make Turkish Players Adopt How Beautiful and Entertaining the Game Is, and To Raise Respectful and Understanding...
  8. Need Directions

    I always play campaign because I want my siblings but never advance main quest. Last game I joined Aserai and I have 3 Empire cities given to me. My clan is tier 4 currently. Kingdom is not giving me other cities anymore because I have too much. What should I do next? I fear rebelling because I...
  9. Luizfabbr99

    I miss making Jeremus a Duke. A list of Clans Features suggestions (looking for answers and opinions.)

    Recently I have been looking into the forums and devs replies, yet I might have missed one of the key features (or any mention of it) a late-game player would have used in Warband. Making your loyal companions into vassals… This feature might be added within future updates that aim to improve...
  10. StaceMcGate

    Alternative Clan progression and restrictions proposal

    What I'm suggesting in this thread is a revamp of the clan progression in the current campaign. There is very little distinction given to Clan Tiers past rank 2 apart from increased sized of the party and I think there is room for a more immersive experience. Since everyone has their preferred...
  11. The Varangian Guard

    The Varangian Guard

    The elite forces of the Byzantine army and protectors of the emperor. Originally only recruiting from the Kievan Rus, the Varangian guard ended up recruiting elsewhere such as from the Norse and even anglo saxons.
  12. [BRE] Benoît

    Interview with Clan Leaders

    Hello, I hope you enjoy listening too and learning about these great clans and their leaders. NEW: - - - [XIII] Comes Blackcount of 13th Tagma - - - - - -[BRE] King Gilles of Bretonnia- - -
  13. Clan home base

    I think it would be nice if you could assign a settlement/castle/town you own to be the home base of the clan. They would periodically visit this home base and donate troops or prisoners and earn you passive influence and gold. You could also assign companions to the garrison as a sort of...
  14. StaceMcGate

    Suggestions for 1.59 onward

    Below are just some thoughts I have after playing for around 600 in-game days on patch 1.59 and what I hope to see in the future. Personal suggestions you've might of seen before, but I think there is value in reiterating them. Bandits - There are simply too many bandit parties spawning on...
  15. Blayde

    suggestion : clans in debt

    i used all my brain juice to come up with this , i apologies if i am not up to date with how the money system work , but i guess before it was each clan had its own treasury or money but it had problems that made some clans become very wealthy and others very poor , but i think it has been...
  16. Spyware

    Reusing "lost" noble children of extinct clans as companions when they turn 18-30.

    Wouldn't it be kinda cool if they come back as Companions trying to reclaim their birthright? I mean, I have an inkling they're going to re-add the ability to grant fiefs to Companions again, so it'd be cool if we have something like this anyway.
  17. Flopz

    Duché de Normandie - 14e Gaming Videos

  18. Change Clan Tier limit from 6 to infinite

    When it came to the RPG elements and different character development metrics, in both Mount&Blade and Mount&Blade:Warband there were never any visible restrictions: be it honor, 99 limit of which was hardly reachable any time after creating a character, 63 STR/AGI/INT/CHA which one would (in...
  19. Thrangor88

    Questions about the mercenary clans.

    Hello, in long-lasting games, what is the lifespan of mercenary clans? are the dead replaced by new NPCs or the clans disappear? Will we be able to recruit from the mercenary unit trees in future updates? have the developers planned anything on the subject?
  20. chukutor


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