1. Lornloth00

    In Progress Player family always has fairer hair color than the player

    Summary: Player's family including mother, father, sister and both brothers have lighter color hair than the player. How to Reproduce: Create a character in either Sandbox or Campaign and view parents and other relatives. Have you used cheats and if so which: n/a Scene Name (if related): n/a...
  2. [KotF] Kingdom of the Franks - NA/EU - *Recruiting*

    Greetings Warrior of Calradia, We would like to welcome you to a growing Mount and Blade: Bannerlord community. We are the Kingdom of the Franks. Our playerbase consists of both hardcore players from Warband as well as new, more inexperienced Bannerlord players. We welcome all skill ranges...
  3. [HoM] [VoV] Treb


    [Have At Least 500 Hours On the Game] If you want to find the true way and worship the true god of Calradia the Holy Mushroom, and fight for it; this is the place for you. If you also want to participate in lots of fun stuff like jammin(gathering just to chill), trolling, big battle events...
  4. potap

    Attracting the lords to your side

    Currently, clan members are faceless extras without their own opinion, and their relationship with the main character does not affect anything, because when the clan is lured away, the clan leader decides for everyone. There is no point in establishing a relationship with each AI lord...
  5. Any Multiplayer clans recruiting?

    Just looking for a website or a thread I can go and find a clan.
  6. Userre

    Final Charm Perk 'Immortal Charm' doesn't work with companions and I think it probably should

    It takes a long while to grind a companion or family member up to 275 charm, but I decided to do it so that I'd be earning a solid 10 influence per day off the perk, with my character and my wife. Unfortunately, the perk doesn't actually apply to other clan members and I think it probably...
  7. Lornloth00

    Family Portrait function

    Some way to have the family members or even all the clan members to a photo together as if they were being photographed or painted just for players to make screenshots. Something like this photo below:
  8. [VSC] Teemu

    The Völsung Clan [VSC] - EU/International

    The Völsung Clan [EU/International] About us The Völsung clan started as a group of long-time Persistent World & Persistent Kingdoms veterans coming together in a move to Bannerlord to take on the long awaited Persistent Empires. Since our forming in November 21st of 2022 we've expanded our...
  9. Lornloth00


    Espionage. Since we have fog of war and the player character has limited knowledge of the heroes and the world I think spying would be a great addition to the game in form of companions and clan members being able to spy on other factions. Warband companions were sent on missions for right to...
  10. Desocrates

    [MYR] The Myrmidons are recruiting, anyone is welcome

    About us: At the time of writing this we're a new clan, we are named The Myrmidons due to myself being a fan of history/mythology and studying it, because of this to keep with the history of the Myrmidons, some of our ranks are based on ants. What we offer: We offer training to all members who...
  11. Ezuvi

    [OMEY] - Guardia Omeya - Reclutando!

    ¡Hola! Me llamo Ezuvi, y soy miembro de Guardia Omeya [OMEY] ¿Quiénes somos? Somos una comunidad española de Bannerlord. En nuestro clan de Bannerlord, contamos con gente de todo tipo, tantos veteranos del Warband como gente nueva. Participamos en eventos con otros clanes de manera organizada...
  12. Need More Info Player Expel/ Defection

    Hello everyone reading this, first hope everyone is doing well, I wanted to say in my many playthroughs over 800 hours been playing since beta launch, I believe taleworld has forgotten that they have a Clan expell option in kingdom discisions, its never been used by AI and Takes a lot on...
  13. AreWw[TR]


    Coming Soon ! Discord: Steam
  14. oświecony

    Can role or Group ?

    clan role. How is this option? in the clan menu you set the roles for the group and how is it when you set someone from the dialog option? anyone tested it? I wasn't looking for a topic like this, sorry.
  15. Are Children still clones?

    Are clan's children still all clones? I haven't played in a while since this specific bug bothered me and hasn't been fixed since early access came out.
  16. Auto Party option clan.

    What would be good, is the option to set clan members to auto form parties, not meaning armies. The issue is if I am captured and one or more of my parties are wiped out and I have free clan members not assign to a job eg. governor, caravan ect there is not option to get them to create a party...
  17. Culture of newborn needs to be the father's and not the mother's

    This sounds like a non-issue but in late game all the clans' heirs are the incorrect culture, and it completely destabilizes everything in the next generation due to lords marrying outside their culture. All the clans end up not matching their homeland's culture. It makes it impossible to match...
  18. rudm

    How clans' culture is defined and change?

    I have discovered that some clans (mostly created by me. through granting lands to companions) are not listed in any culture. They do not belong to any culture at all? And some clans, which is even more weird, are, for example, "Imperial", despite there are no clan member with imperial culture...
  19. Why cant we Recruit new spawned clans?

    During the Mid-late game i see many new clans spawn on the world, some declare war on you, I notice overtime factions will recruit these clans for example Volgs Clan. I can peace out with them but theres no dialogue to offer them to join the faction. But other clans can and I just want to know...
  20. Империя Мёртвых призывает!

    Снег укрыл землю, И из-под него встала нежить... Легендарный клан Mount & Blade Warband возвращается, мёртвые идут покорять Bannerlord! Истоки Undead берут своё начало ещё в 2015 году. Скоро нам исполнится восемь лет, за это время те игроки что были с нами с самого начала набрали невероятный...
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