1. Blayde

    suggestion : clans in debt

    i used all my brain juice to come up with this , i apologies if i am not up to date with how the money system work , but i guess before it was each clan had its own treasury or money but it had problems that made some clans become very wealthy and others very poor , but i think it has been...
  2. Spyware

    Reusing "lost" noble children of extinct clans as companions when they turn 18-30.

    Wouldn't it be kinda cool if they come back as Companions trying to reclaim their birthright? I mean, I have an inkling they're going to re-add the ability to grant fiefs to Companions again, so it'd be cool if we have something like this anyway.
  3. Flopz

    Duché de Normandie - 14e Gaming Videos

  4. Change Clan Tier limit from 6 to infinite

    When it came to the RPG elements and different character development metrics, in both Mount&Blade and Mount&Blade:Warband there were never any visible restrictions: be it honor, 99 limit of which was hardly reachable any time after creating a character, 63 STR/AGI/INT/CHA which one would (in...
  5. Thrangor88

    Questions about the mercenary clans.

    Hello, in long-lasting games, what is the lifespan of mercenary clans? are the dead replaced by new NPCs or the clans disappear? Will we be able to recruit from the mercenary unit trees in future updates? have the developers planned anything on the subject?
  6. chukutor

    House Karolenj PK/Native [BAŞVURULAR AÇIK]

  7. Mazewind

    EU Other Open 2nd of April - Cerberus Event #4 ► BLOOD IN THE TUNDRA ◄

    Hello everyone, welcome to the fourth Event organized by la Légion du Cerbère ! Two factions are going to oppose each other, the Vlandians VS the Khuzaits, in this epic battle. We want this event to be the closest as possible to the Linebattle events on Napoleonic Wars or Warband. The event...
  8. [BRE] Benoît

    Interview with a Clan Leader - The BRE - King Gilles

    Good day and welcome. I recently interviewed Bannerlords largest clans Leader - King Gilles of Bretonnia - BRE My objective is to share information to new players looking at joining clans, as well as giving some exposure to the BRE clan and what they are all about! I plan to interview other...
  9. WPU- An Anarchist Clan For All

    >An Anarchist clan for weak players >There will be no leader all will be treated equally. >An opportunity for WEAK players to grow strong. To Join simply Add prefix WPU_, WPU-, WPU~ or [WPU] to your name Join WPU now, the best WEAK players ANARCHIST clan
  10. RedKnight21

    Add Nobility Titles? (Poll and Discussion)

    Request: All clan members of all factions should be given titles (except mercenaries) Let players customize their titles once they rule a faction Introduction: Social statuses have always been a key aspect of the mount and blade games. However, I believe this concept, at the moment, has been...
  11. RedKnight21

    Fallen Companion Gear Suggestion (Poll and Discussion)

    Hello, I wanted to discuss a possible change to the companion gear system. My suggestion is the player, (who is the head of the clan), receives the battle armor/weapons/horse, of fallen family members or clan members. Description: In order to receive their loot, the fallen members must be in...
  12. Bronze_Yohn

    Jim's Bannerlord Australia & New Zealand [Jims]

    G'day! Jim's Bannerlord AUS/NZ are an active & rapidly growing Bannerlord community that caters to both casual and competitive players. We're bringing the Oceanic servers back to life for Aussies & Kiwi's with scheduled community events - as well as participating in international multiplayer...
  13. What good is ranking charm for companions?

    I noticed that most of the skills within the Charm category are personal skills. What good does it do to rank Charm for companions? Do I get any possible bonus out of my companions being charming? Does having charming companions boost overall charm for me and my clan? If not I suggest that...
  14. Guild level

    Hi guys. The request is simple. I've been playing for a couple of days. I only have a few cities. But the clan level is already 6. I think it won't hurt anyone if you raise the max lvl of the clan to 10. Many adult players spend a few month to capture the map with realism and getting pleasure...
  15. Veterans of Valhalla

    Veterans of Valhalla

    Home of the most brutal Vikings in Calradia.
  16. GK_Bumin

    Gokturk Khaganate [GK]

    Gokturk Khaganate [GK], 26 Nisan 2020 Tarihinde Kıdemli (Bumin) tarafından kurulan bir Native Klanıdır. Bu süreçte sadece Native ile sınırlı kalmayarak Napolenic Wars (61st), Persistent Kingdoms (Eisenberg) gibi modüllerde de aktiflik göstermiştir. Bunun yanı sıra farklı oyunlarda da sıkça vakit...
  17. In Progress Klanımdaki dağılmayan birlik

    ilk karakterim yaşlılıktan Öldükten sonra oğluyla devam etmiştim yeni karakterle Oynamaya çalışırken ölen Karakterin birliğinin dağılmadığını fark ettim kendisi sürekli orda dağılıyor diyor ama dağılmıyor Yardımcı olabilirmisiniz ekleyemedim) bu benim ilk...
  18. In Progress Is there already a patch for the Clan Independence bug as mercenary?

    Hi! I encountered this bug in the last patch where the "clan independence" in the Arzagos Dragon Banner Quest can't be checked even after I left the Vladian kingdom as mercenary. Turns out, a lot of people have experienced this too. I want to know if this is already fixed or not so that I can...
  19. Suggestion: Spy

    I would like to suggest to insert a spy system. A player is able to recruit characters that do covered operation or can track sensible targets for you. If player is a mercenary can only have 1 spy If player start a kingdom or become a vassal, can have multiple number of spies A spy can give you...
  20. Antaeus

    Addressing high attrition in nobles using surplus rebellion party leaders

    With death enabled for nobles, there is attrition over time. Even with a low death rate, more nobles may die than can be replaced by children. I actually prefer a higher death rate, but that creates a hollowing out effect of clans. Nobles should die in battle. And given the nature of the...
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