1. Bluko88

    Should recruits have shields?

    So something that has bugged me for a long time is the general ineffectiveness of recruits. Now I get it; they are recruits, lowest of the low for the military units, and not supposed to be much better than peasants. But the sad truth is actual peasants are probably better fighters then recruits...
  2. Recruit Faction leading clan

    Was wondering why in sandbox mode you cannot recruit the leading clans of a faction, the south empire only has Petheros (leading clan) left in the faction with 78 strength. Its a waste of a potentially strong clan to just sit around and wonder the world poor and making a random war with most...
  3. Need More Info bug?: Able to recruit way too many elite prisoners

    Summary: Moving prisoners between owned city dungeon and party keeps adding more recruitables. How to Reproduce: Have lvl 5&6 prisoners in an owned city dungeon, move all from inventory with ctrl-click then add them back one by one. Repeat pattern and more and more will turn recruitable each...
  4. Mithos Moonbane

    Looking for a few experienced multiplayer players to start a group on Bannerlord MMO

    I think this should be fine here, but I was wondering if there is anyone interested in creating a group to work up to being able to run together and dominate the wildlands
  5. Safety_Tree

    Loving the Skirmishing Unit Changes!

    Even if nobody else turns out to agree with me, I just want to say I absolutely love the changes to throwing weapon classes! I’ve been playing them nonstop all evening and it has been an absolute blast. (Although I’m curious as to why the brigand saw so little change.) The new perks that allow...
  6. Joe Friday

    Prioritizing Recruitment in Army

    I find it strange I cannot prioritize which lord or companion gets to recruit from settlements when in an army. Whenever I go to a settlement to try to recruit soldiers my lords get priority over me. After they are finished recruiting there is rarely anyone left for me. Is there a way to make...
  7. Lychee Nut

    Increase notable's recruitment quantity and add a notable specifically for Noble recruits.

    As the title says you have entire sets of noble unit branches for every faction in the game, and they are very rarely seen as recruit-able units in the town/Village influential people's rosters. They are almost unnoticeable in various armies and don't really get placed into elite squads. One of...
  8. Bloc

    SP Native Freelancer Mod - Being a Regular Soldier

    Image: Battle in the Bog by kazzeth Freelancer is now almost a classic for M&B. If you played Warband with your favourite mod, you are probably familiar with this concept. Download From Here Nexusmods About Freelancer allows you to enlist any lord/lady's party as long as you meet the...
  9. StaceMcGate

    Resolved NPC & Item Portraits missing e1.5.8

    Been playing the new patch for last 2 hours, and have twice now seen all item, npc, and recruit portraits disappear entirely and replaced by a loading icon. The issue is not resolved by loading, and instead resolved by quitting the game program entirely and restarting. Game settings: High...
  10. Resolved Cannot recruit minor clan as mercenary due to leader's death

    Summary: I cannot recruit a minor clan as mercenary due to the leader's death, the leadership didn't pass down to the other member of the clan. How to Reproduce: Open main menu > play campaign mode > find any minor clan with the death leader due to natural causes > find any members of the clan >...
  11. Tend0u

    In Progress Allies can recruit troops in enemy towns !!

    While leading an army towards the enemy town, my allies can recruit in the enemy town.
  12. Recruiting Lords for your Faction Script?

    Hi guys i was just wondering if there is any script that allows you to recruit lords base on how many available fiefs you have? Like that of the Star Wars Conquest mod where you can recruit commanders to your faction. Also i saw a thread that is about a scrip that spawns a friendly party that...
  13. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    {1.5.1 beta, 1.5.2 beta} Caravan Ambush quest sends only recruit allies? Other minor (Bushwhackers)concerns!

    I don't know if this is a bug, a design change, or just my own misunderstanding but after doing many caravan ambush quests in boht 1.5.1 beta and now 1.5.2 beta I see only recruits sent with the caravan master. In the older versions I remember it being more developed troops and that fits with...
  14. [NL] c00p62

    Join Northern Legion Today [NA,EU]

    Interested in joining the #1 growing Bannerlord clan? Interested in fighting side by side with upwards of 40 active members? Then come out for training with The Northern Legion today. We are a large scale event clan that plans on hosting our own servers and are currently getting ready for the...
  15. hsngrms

    SP Native Recruit Prisoners Right Away

    Recruit Prisoners Right Away allows recruiting any amount and any type of prisoners right after they captured. Look image in spoiler for reference. It was taken right after battle. --- Note: Heroes / lords cannot be recruited in vanilla game still cannot be recruited. --- Source will be...
  16. Andrei[beast]

    [beta 1.4.2] peasant recruits from every factions on existing save are priced 580 instead of 20

    Pretty self explanatory from the title Every peasant that i try to recruit from farms or cities are worth 580 a normal recruit/volunteer tier 2 infantrymen are worth 1200+ and not to talk tier 3 worth about 5000+ I made another save and on that one they are worth the normal value, quess i'll...
  17. Holy Shift

    What If Clan Tier Had an Effect on Available Recruit Slots?

    Maybe +1 slot per 2 or 3 clan tier levels. Or +1 after a certain clan tier per every tier.
  18. TheHangover

    Need Help About Recruitment Bug

    I have enough relationship but I can't recruit.Also some headman of village says I need -100 relationship. I don't know what caused this bug.My game version is 1.4. My mod list: Auto Blocker Better Time Clan Control Mod Character Trainer Community Patch Control Your Allies After Death Developer...
  19. TheHangover

    Acemi alımı buglandı?

    İlişkim yeterli olsa dahi alamıyorum.Nasıl çözebilirim bu sorunu? Oyun versiyonum 1.4. Mod listem: Auto Blocker Better Time Clan Control Mod Character Trainer Community Patch Control Your Allies After Death Developer Console Hideout Party Limit Removed Modlib Party AI Overhaul Commands Slow...
  20. Recruit army

    Pls, why 80% of the enemy's army are recruits. Very easy to win. pls fix that I love this Game :) thx.
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