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No, I didn't use any mods.


Intro: Lately I’ve been playing a LOT of siege defenses in my campaign (link) in which I’m ruling a kingdom against an Empire controlling the whole Calradia. To me, those bugs/issues should be fixed as soon as possible (for the release if possible)

1 - AI Defenders not defending the gate:
When the player is attacking in sieges and that he doesn't bring a battering ram, he can still destroy the gate. By attacking it with his troops' melee weapons and by destroying it with ranged siege weapons. In this case, the defenders will NEVER defend the gate. Even when the second gate is destroyed. The infantry will stay on the walls for the entire siege. To me, once the first gate is destroyed, the AI should at least defend it like if the player was spawning a battering ram (3 groups of infantry: 2 on the walls, 1 at the gate).
Here is a clip showing the bug:

2 - When pressing ALT is sieges, the player should be able to see the formations (currently working in custom battles but not in campaign):
Pressing ALT in custom battles:

Pressing ALT in campaign:

This feature is VERY important to know which formation is which when a player plays with no banners at the top of his troops.

3 - Attackers not following the orders of the Player:
Once a formation starts to climb a ladder. The troops of this formation won't follow the orders of the player. This is a major issue as the player who would want to send reinforcement to the gate attack can't do it. It also causes issues when the Player is defending. If the attacking AI manages to destroy the gate with a battering ram, only the formation using the battering ram and the reinforcements will attack through the gate. The bug is preventing the formations climbing the ladders to send reinforcement to the gate.
Here is a clip showing the bug:
AI attackers not attacking the undefended gate:

4 - Shield Wall Bad behavior:
It’s currently impossible to go backwards and perform a tactical retreat with a shield wall formation. It’s a real issue for repositioning our shield walls.
To me:
While moving, every troop in a shield wall formation should be facing the direction that the player is asking when repositioning the line.
Here is the issue in Bannerlord:

Here is how it should work:

Everything is explained in the video:

5 - It’s too easy to sneak inside castles and open the doors for our army:
Here the army inside the castle should be enough to defend it properly (the tests are way worse with fewer troops inside the castle). In the video I show how to enter a castle and open the game for your army. It shows you how the AI tries to prevent the player from going freely to the gate. Near the formations, the AI is aggressive against the player (which is good), but once the player gets far away enough from formations, only the general is chasing the player.
It’s too easy to go inside castles:
Here is how it could be fixed:
Another way to fix the issue would be to have the defending AI create a new formation with 10% of the nearest formation to the player and make it charge (F1 + F3). This way the AI will chase the player through the castle. Once there is no more threat (player is dead), the new formation would just join its old one.

This new behavior would only be active if the first gate is not destroyed. Once this first gate is destroyed, the AI should always have a formation behind the gate. Like I suggested in my 1st feedback.

6 - When defending a castle, the player should be able to choose the siege weapons to build:
On the campaign map, when the player is inside a castle under siege, if he is the ruler of this castle/city or his clan is the ruler of the kingdom, he should be able to choose the ranged siege weapon his army is building. Currently it’s impossible and sometimes, the AI does not build catapults but only ballistas. This only thing can change if a siege defense can be won or not.

7 - In 1.9.0 the enemy AI is always assaulting castles to the death:
In this livestream you can follow the entire siege:
In 1.9.0, enemy armies never leave the siege and go back to their land once they retreat from the battlefield. In the livestream I linked, the enemy should leave the siege once they still have 1000 troops. Here they even attack the castle if they are outnumbered by the defenders.

8 - AI not climbing the ladders:
AI can’t climb ladders when many groups try to use it. (here, the battering ram and one siege tower got destroyed by my catapults.)

Less important feedback:
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Thanks for the detailed reports. Forwarded to the team. Please keep in mind that some of the feedback you wrote could be considered as design decisions but all the bugs you reported will be looked at. Happy streams!


Thanks for the detailed reports. Forwarded to the team. Please keep in mind that some of the feedback you wrote could be considered as design decisions but all the bugs you reported will be looked at. Happy streams!
Another example for the 8th feedback. Here, I destroyed the enemy siege tower and the battering ram:


Orcs Hall siege map has some bugged textures (you can see this on the walls in the clip)
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