1. Aftha

    In Progress Baravenos Encirclement - Possibility to jump on a roof

    Scene Name: Baravenos Encirclement Summary: There is the possibility of leaving the intended battlefield by jumping on a roof. How to Reproduce: Equip yourself with a stone, go to flag E and climb to the top of the tower. At the top, break the decord between you and the roof and then jump. Media:
  2. [BRE] Gilles / Olgarth

    [BRE] Thursday Event / Scripted battle [Weekly Event]

    BRETONNIE THURSDAY EVENT Scripted battle THURSDAYS 8.25 PM CET RULES Infantry (3 maximum per side) 10 ppl minimum. 2 lines minimum. Moving and attack on formation only. You cannot disperse in any case, under any condition or pretext. No throwing weapons. No loot. Archers 12 ppl...
  3. CinematicBattles

    Amazing siege battle picture, great for screensaver!!!!

    God damn! I love this community :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Here's a closeup; Have a great day!
  4. In Progress Cataphracts do not use shields during attacking sieges

    Summary: Cataphracts do not use shields in formation during sieges while other members of their groups do. Instead they are walking with two-handed lance. It relates both to regular and elite cataphracts. How to Reproduce: start any siege battle and observe attacking groups with cataphracts in...
  5. A custom server that hasnt been notice.

    With the release of custom servers and addition of Battle Mod I have found curious why this server has 0 players. It sad me a bit, because I thought for sure the community that plays siege daily will switch to there, yet they are still in the EU one. Perhaps they havent notice it, so I bring it...
  6. CaptainFracas

    F2 + F8 should be a taggable order (here is a demo of why)

    The order F2 + F8 (Squatter) should be a taggable order like F4 (Hold fire/Fire at will) or F5 (Dismount/Mount). This will allow the players to use the Squatter mechanic with other formations then the line. Apically with the loose formation. I explain everything in this video:
  7. Crypex

    When will Team damage in Siege and TDM be introduced

    We need some based combat.
  8. Need More Info Battle Done Crashed

    Summary: Won a siege on the defending side, approx. 500 to 1000, pressed done while using a ballista, just pressing done at the end of a battle, and a few other occasions. I received a crash notice as snipped below. How to Reproduce: Win a siege while mounting a ballista and press done in the...
  9. Broke the game(...there is for sure someone before me done this...)

    I do not know to post video here or picture ( more like it is a bit complicated to do it, just let me drop it xD ) At Praven you can go from left side all way and get into the town there is nothing behind that wall so just go forward in town till you find a place to jump out behind enemy lines...
  10. Askey

    In Progress MP EU Siege

    The server is hanging on the loading screen just before the match starts. We are free to join and leave but the match is not starting. Additionally, when do you guys actually plan on fixing these servers - are you even bothered that they are unstable?
  11. Need More Info Town do not properly consume food

    Summary: When I siege any town and they run out of food it stops on 1 days until food run out gone and there -170 consuming food per day and they have left 17, but on the next day there only 12, so the consume only -5 instead of -170 and "Days until food run out:1" keep staying for a few days or...
  12. Town do not properly consume food

    Is it fine that when I siege any town and they run out of food it stops on 1 days until food run out gone and there -170 consuming food per day and they have left 17, but on the next day there only 12, so the consume only -5 instead of -170 and "Days until food run out:1" keep staying for a...
  13. Город неправильно потребляет еду при осаде

    Не пойму баг это или фича, но при осаде города у него постепенно уменьшается запас еды (и всё было бы хорошо), но когда у него остается 1 день до окончания запасов его потребление начинает не соответствовать цифрам. Т.е. потребление города в день -170, запасов в городе 17, спустя сутки запасов...
  14. Tweaking siege engines and settlement defences values

    Does anyone know where to tweak gate health, wall health, siege engine health, siege engine damage, etc in both the campaign map and siege battle scenarios? I could not find the xml file except for siegeengines.xml. The only tweak-able values there are the ones that affect only some aspects of...
  15. Griefers/back cappers on Siege

    The current siege flag system means attackers win a large majority of siege matches by cheesing the flag mechanics. There are always a few attackers who bypass all defenses/defenders and capture all the back flags and destroy all the defenses in the back lines, which is almost impossible to...
  16. Sral23

    EU Siege is dead rn, TW pls fix

    See title
  17. Aftha

    In Progress Skala Landing - House glitch on E flag

  18. Lornloth00

    The one man left scenario in Sieges

    Sometimes in a siege there is just one man left that gets stuck some where in the scene that is hard to find. If this happens when there is just one unit left the game should declare the side with more than one unit after a set amount of time the victor of the siege. If the player is...
  19. Lornloth00

    In Progress Archers shooting stairs during seige

    Summary: Archers shooting stairs during seige How to Reproduce: Set up seige in Lageta as defender side. Look inside towers for archers. Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Lageta siege Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: (see signature)
  20. Goyyyio

    Need More Info Game crashes/freezes after a map changes in TDM/Siege

    Summary: This happens in a lot of ways: If a map has finished, and the server changes maps, the next map is loaded, the Faction selection screen is shown, players in the background can be heard for a second, and then the game completely freezes, the sound loops over and over and not even the...
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