1. Glatix

    So taleworlds, some modder fixed the most glaring issue in sieges

    A modder by the name of ZiggiBoy101 fixed that issue where the AI go up siege towers in groups of like 3-4. He describes what he did in detail right here in the mod's description: Given that the game has been out for like an...
  2. DrDragonlance

    Attacking an Army Sieging

    I have been trying to help my Castles and Towns that are getting sieged by attacking the Sieging Army, but whenever I do that the Garrison and Militia shows up on the Battlefield with me. I figure they should not be included in this fight. Anyone know if this is WAI or an oversight?
  3. DrDragonlance

    In Progress Troops Lose XP After Siege and Before Keep Fight

    I completed a siege, and I had 50 or more of my troops ready to level up. There is no option to level them up after the Siege and before the Keep fight. After the Keep fight I only had 5 troops ready to level up. If it happens again I will post the save file and screen shots.
  4. In Progress crash on declaring peace while joining siege

    Summary: I go to the castle where I can find lord I want to ask to join my kingdom But castle is under siege by army of my vassal Game asks me if I want to join the siege I go to kingdom tab and declare peace Game crashes when it supposed to go back to main map. How to Reproduce: use my save...
  5. Consul_Kaiser

    How many Days?

    It has been 565 calendar days or 385 working days since this game has came out and siege battles are still broken..... That is all
  6. DrDragonlance

    In Progress Misplaced Walls when Sieging Llanoc Hen Castle

    Summary: Walls are east of the castle How to Reproduce:Siege Llanoc Hen Castle and Look at the walls Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Siege of Llanoc Hen Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX...
  7. Fixer

    In Progress Siege cant transition to next map

    Summary: Voting title shows up, vote doesnt happen, instead no response from server or sg like that shows the transition didnt happen. looking for the next game works around the issue, but its annoying to see chat freeze.. How to Reproduce: Play a siege game on EU server Scene Name (if...
  8. In Progress Siege engines on campaign map kill only soldiers from the leader group not from entire army.

    Summary: When you siege enemy castle or town and they build ballistas (or any other siege engine that has anti_personnel_hit_chance more than 0) and you build your own siege engines enemy ballistas will shoot at those engines. Your siege engines then take damage and sometimes some of your...
  9. Lazregamesh

    Do horses commit Seppuku when their owners die in sieges?

    What happens to the horses when their riders die in a siege? On that note, can we please have the option to tell our cavalry to sit this one out and instead, make bets on how the plebs are gonna bite the dust or drink tea or what have you? 🤭 We already have a working system for hideout, maybe an...
  10. ParoShock

    VOTE - Enable friendly fire on EU Siege Server

    I suggest to enable friendly fire on EU Siege Server The fact is that group melee combat significantly differs in simplicity from a real battle, not requiring any concentration on your own weapons at all: just take the longest weapon and wave without looking around. I believe that enabling...
  11. Bunduk

    I hope TW never stop to release new patches after Early Acces!

    I hope Bannerlord Patch Support will never stop after Early Acces because i cant get enough of new content. Its like all the time an gift for me when they release patches with content, even when its a small patch. I only hope they fix someday the Siege Ladder Problem because this is the most...
  12. TheDragonknight

    NA Siege Completed Bannerlord 2nd Siege Tournament

    This is the post for the second Bannerlord Siege Tournament. The previous tournament concluded a few days ago and was won by the clan Syndacite with SkolderBrotva getting second place and Butterlords placing third. The next tournament will commence at the start of October but I encourage all...
  13. BingRazer

    Lions, Leopards, and Bears, Oh My! - Calradic Campaign Season 2-5

    Welcome to the fifth event of Calradic Campaign Season 2! This event will focus on the Vaegirs attempting to crush the newly formed Vlandian Kingdom by defeating Count Mako of the Vlandian United Front (VUF). If the Vaegirs manage to squash the opposition they will sieze Vyincourd Castle...
  14. Need More Info Crash while sieging Gersegos castle!

    Summary: Hey, Every time i siege this castle and start building siege equipment it crashes! tried so many times nothing changes... How to Reproduce:/ Have you used cheats and if so which: yes,troops Scene Name (if related):Gersegos castle Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs:
  15. Crash while sieging Gersegos castle!

    Hey, Every time i siege this castle and start building siege equipment it crashes! tried so many times nothing changes... Pls fix.
  16. Resolved Amprela Keep Battle CTD e1.6.1

    Summary: After defeating the Rebel defender of Amprela in a siege battle the game crashes within second of pressing ‘Attack’ to start the Keep battle against the remaining defenders. I do not know is this is an issue with the location (Amprela) or the defenders (Amprela Rebels). I have not had...
  17. Fixer

    Resolved 1.6.1-EU siege crashed&not recovering

    Summary:EU siege crashed&not recovering. Sometimes it crashes in the late game with only a few minutes to go, other times it crashes during transition an the next game doesnt start/show up on the selection screen. How to Reproduce:Just play the multiplayer for 2-3 rounds on the EU region with...
  18. Lornloth00

    Men crying out for their mother while dying.

    When units are wounded and dying on the battle they could cry out in pain for their mother or something to make a battle seem like hell and more realistic. Some of them could be reach out with their hands begging for help. Some of them could just being moaning and scream in pain with some...
  19. Need More Info 2 issues: Battering Rams stuck in front the gate and notifications

    Hello, During some sieges I have noticed that my soldiers are unable to get to the second gate because the battering ram stays stuck in front the space they should have to move forward, which means there's no space for the soldiers and they get stuck not able reach the inner gate Another...
  20. Resolved Tournament has no weapons/crashes. Can only resolve sieges. Conspiracy quest crashes game.

    Summary: Tournament crashes on skip and when it does load its a punch fest unless there are bows or maces. Always have to send troops for sieges. Attempting to lead the charge crashes game. Conspiracy Quest crashes game. How to Reproduce: Join Tournament (Save prepared), Siege, Finish Conspiracy...
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