Open Game Won't Launch, But Launcher Will

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On Steam.
The launcher will open and work fine, but once I click "Play Mount&Blade" it plays the short "Taleworlds Entertainment" intro, and then never reaches the main menu.
When fullscreened the whole thing will go invisible after playing the aforementioned intro, and eventually stop responding.
When windowed, the window will go black and stop responding.
Tried with both mods and native. Tried clean install, verified game cash, multiple resolutions and just different settings, checked compatibility mode, nothing working.
Please help!
If you are able to see the launcher, but the game crashes after selecting "Play Mount & Blade" or after the intro video, then I would suggest that you try launching in Windowed Mode which you can do by:
  • Open the launcher
  • Select "Configure"
  • Select the "Video" tab
  • Check the "Start Windowed" checkbox
  • Select "OK"
You can then pop the game back in to full-screen mode by using "ALT + Enter" at the Main Menu.
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