1. Problems reaching after-battle dialogue with Lords and Ladies

    Sometimes, after a battle (attack or send troops), I do not get the screen where you get to choose to imprison the Lords/Ladies. I do not have other parties to fight with me during the battle (solo party with family members only). After the battle, the game just throws you back to the campaign...
  2. Filips

    ¿Cuando servidores oficiales para Sudamérica?

    Después de 4 años todavía no hay nada, así como agregaron servidores para OC y EA, ¿por qué no para SA? @armagan ¿Qué pasó?
  3. Household Guard/Knighthood Order System tutorial?

    I am looking to add a new feature to my mod. I was inspired by mods like perisno which has a system that gives certain lords their own unique troops or pendor which has knighthood orders that are tied to fiefs. I have searched for a bit and could not find a tutorial for a similar system. It...
  4. Trying to modify BANK sounds ModuleData

    I am on a quest to tweak and refine the soundscapes of Bannerlord, aiming to create a more immersive auditory experience for players. However, the elusive.BANK sound files have proven to be a formidable challenge, and I am reaching out to seek your guidance.
  5. Yldzhan

    Larger Map Mode

    My progress of 200+ hours so far on Bannerlord is going along fun, but it looks like the game will end before I can use my children properly. What mode can you suggest that can enlarge the map without disturbing my current progress? - Bannerlordta şu ana kadarki 200+ saatlik ilerlemem...
  6. Closed Русский - RU Return cases to the player's name

    The player name and clan name must have cases and inflections using a word processor, this was previously available, now it is impossible to use special characters in the player name, this is very inconvenient. Please bring this back, at least for single player.
  7. Closed Am I getting the town?

    I have 20 people, I already have my own faction. I see another faction besieging my enemy's city. I take part in the battle and the city is given to me.
  8. In Progress (Consoles) compilation of all issues

    Hello, im making this thread to compile all issues on consoles and improvements needed in console version of the game. I Hope this will help the devs to improve ans give justice to this amazing game Bannerlord is. We know the devs are working hard to deliver the best version of the game possible...
  9. Perisno - Soru

    Merhabalar, perisnoyu bilmeyen varsa warbandın en kapsamlı yabancı modu; devler, cüceler, elflerin cirit attığı bir fantezi dünyası. bu modda özelleştirilmiş paralı askerlerimizin ırk ve ekipmanlarını değiştirebiliyoruz, eskiden kaldırılmış kadın devler de bunlardan birisi. kendi oynayacağım...
  10. Playstation'da atlı savaş(?)

    Selamlar arkadaşlar Youtubeda izlerken koltuk altı desteklenmiş mızrağı, atlı ile belli bir hıza ulaştıktan sonra bir tuşa basınca koltuk altına alıyor mızrağı Lakin playstation'da bunu yapamıyorum . Yapan arkadaşlar var mı?
  11. In Progress Thorgrims map edior problem

    Hello, i am newbie when it comes to mapping on thorgrims and when i make a new map it gives a mess like this: Is anyone willing to help because it seems that last time i posted no one replied and yes i did change the settings.cfg

    In Progress unable to start the game, Xbox Game Pass

    Summary:I installed bannerlord that I bought from xbox game pass, but when I press play, the game screen opens and then closes immediately, I cannot log in to the game, I deleted and installed xbox game services and xbox app, again the result is the same How to Reproduce:Installed Bannerlord on...
  13. DeadbeatPeasant

    Need help, messed around with console commands now all characters are giants.

    Its as the title says. I was trying to kill my wife because there's no option to divorce her and I think a typed in a command or two that changed the height of literally everyone in the game, like im talking if they're an adult you cant even see their head in the character screen tall. I turned...
  14. Help with map editor

    Hello i need some help trying to make a map. i am trying to export obj from blender and its not working do you guys have guide for it? Bloodpass and Thorgrim aren't working for me
  15. Modded Crash

    Summary:I was playing the game very well. 700 days passed without any problems. Where I last stayed. I am at war with the Aseray state. It throws an error when I attack its army. I don't get any errors when attacking. I went through the results and clicked the quick finish icon and then when I...
  16. Viollette

    Storymode Related Crash

    Hi, so i'm having this ctd in my story mode playthrough and i think it has 100% to be about Istiana Conspiracy quest. Any advices? I was thinking about completing this quest with console commands to verify if the issue persist.
  17. In Progress Choice of Troops

    I have a big army and I can't pick soldiers to fight and reinforce, it's terrible. I know how the system of selecting soldiers to fight and selecting soldiers to come in the second wave works, but this is an outrage. This needs to be fixed because the game does not allow you to choose the normal...
  18. Modded Game crash out of nowhere - System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    Hello, game has started crashing out of nowhere. Played a few hours ago, came back, and now crashes when I load in and the daily wages are paid. Nothing has changes so I'm not sure where to start or what to do as I am pretty new to Mount and Blade. Thank you for your help. Summary: Exception...
  19. SP - Battles & Sieges Problem with archers

    As a rule, archers in the army are mixed troops and it often happens that some archers run out of arrows faster than others and they stand idle and cannot be used. An additional action is needed for these archers, either to move these archers to a new unit or move them as defenders, but the...
  20. In Progress Lifting the siege

    When a hostile squad plunders a village, he sees me and can run away, but if he is besieging a city, I can approach him, talk to him and he will not lift the siege, even if my army is several times larger and he has no chance. This is not logical, can this be considered a mistake or is it done...
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