1. Campaign Map Speed

    Hello Everyone! I often find myself in looking for x8 button when moving around the map and it just really frustrates me that it is not there. I know that I can go to cheat menu and type "campaign.multiply_campaign_speed 20 " and that does the trick for me, but I don't want to do that every...
  2. Crash while sieging Gersegos castle!

    Hey, Every time i siege this castle and start building siege equipment it crashes! tried so many times nothing changes... Pls fix.
  3. Alzey

    Help for make mod, Mod yapmak için yardım.

    Muhterem Okuyucular, büyük ve güzel bir mod yapmak istiyorum ancak texture,langue gibi dosyaların nerede bulunduğunu anlayadım dosyaları nereden bulabileceğimi bilen varsa beni bilgilendirmeleri rica olunur. Bu konudaki cahilliğimi mazur görün. Büyük bir mod yapmak istiyorum ancak bilgim çok az...
  4. Help with Better Player Kingdoms Mod

    Better Player kingdoms mod everything in this mod works fine except for when i try to create a new vassal with shift click on gift fief. idk how to put the betterExceptionWindow crash report here so ill just copy paste if anything else is needed for you guys to help me just post and ill try to...
  5. Need help with my Mod Load Order for 1.5.10

    im very new to modding on this game. i cant post pictures so ill just say what my current load order is Harmony BetterExceptionWindow ButterLib UIExtenderEx MCMv4 native sandbox core sandbox custom battle storymode ModLib Custom spawns developer console Bannerlord Tweaks Detailed Character...
  6. Resolved Seven Kingdoms Crash 1.6.0

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home Version. 10.0. build 19042 (Type x64) GPU: Nvida Geforce GTX 1060 3gb GPU Driver Version: CPU: Amd Ryzen 5 2600 six core 3.4...
  7. RodLimitless

    riding tier 7 perk - riding horde or breeder?

    which one best? thanks :)
  8. Need More Info Crashing after launching On multiplayer and single

    Summary: I got the game a year ago and not long after that it crashed (I believe during a loading screen for single player) tried to fixe it then but nothing so I put the game away I decided to see if the update may have fixed it but nothing when I launch the game it goes to a loading screen...
  9. BL Coding Question regarding gender variation on custom armors

    Hello, Im making a custom armor for Bannerlord which has diferent meshes for male and female, I cant figure how to tell the game to differentiate between the two, I looked in native items.xml and found that the code points to only the male mesh, no links to female mesh, and i noticed that...
  10. BL Coding Delete

  11. Is there a way to edit a companions equipment outside of inventory?

    Hi, I've ran into a problem caused by a mod(LootEveryone). Basically, it's possible to equip glitched items to your companions at the post-fight loot screen and make the game crash whenever you try to load your companions equipment after. Does anyone know how I can edit or remove my companion's...
  12. Steam Workshop

    Summary:Hi. I'm just wondering when is the freaking bannerlord steam workshop or full release coming. I'm from Turkey and there is lot of players in Turkey like me. I don't know if ever someone is gonna read this or that someone will be Türk. If not Turkey's economy is **** and like me most of...
  13. Resolved Game crashes on startup. Latest version

    Summary:When i go to create a new game, it crashes. Doesnt even make it to the faction selection. How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: win 10 GPU: 2080ti GPU Driver Version: latest CPU: Intel(R)...
  14. RodLimitless

    Can't make peace with other faction??

    I'm playing Vlandia and have been at war with Garios since, well the start. I already have my own Kingdom south of Vlandia and west of Garios'. I've already captures 20+ nobles and have thrown them in the dungeon, and now I've captured Garios' army, and I still don't have an option to make...
  15. Mods in 2021

    Hey wollte mal fragen, ob es noch einen Mod gibt, bei der man viele Banner in seiner Armee während dem Kampf haben kann. Ich meine eine Mod wie "Bear My Banner". Ich suche eine, welche unter der 1.5.10 noch funktioniert. Leider wurden viele tolle Mods ja eingestellt... Würde mich auch sonst...
  16. Bay Vergi

    Warband'da sürekli askerlerimin morail düşüyor

    Askerlerimin morali , ne kadar yiyecek alırsam alayım ne kadar büyük savaş kazanırsam kazanayım bir türlü yükselmiyor ; ne yapmalıyım
  17. Need Help Getting to Trade lvl 300

    I need help getting to trade level 300. I have become a trade mogul and amassed near 1.5 million denars in my current playthrough without using exploits or waging war. My ultimate goal is to purchase an ideal settlement to base my new empire upon, and for that I need to get to level 300. I am...
  18. BL Coding How are orders issued to your own troops?

    Hello everyone, I already know how the enemy AI fights against the player, it uses the classes Tactics which give Behaviors to each formation. What I need to learn is how the player gives orders to their owns troops. Using the default controls, when I press "1" it selects infantry and when I...
  19. B

    BB Code DR

    Generally the requests for bbcode help are taking up a lot of my time. I am hoping a group will encourage other people to help out with bbcode and also be a place for more detailed explanations.
  20. Help with carrying banner mods

    I can't seem to find mod that allows my troop tk carry the clan's banner. Carrymybanner mod doesn't seem to work either kn 1.5.9 main.
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