1. AlbertGaming

    Mod pentru Bannerlord!! Wallachia 1593-1605

    Salut! Numele meu este Albert, am 19 ani(aproape 20) si am nevoie de ajutorul vostru! Am cautat multe moduri pentru Warband in care sa avem si noi Romanii un colt de rai, dar din pacate nu am gasit... Acum, in sfarsit a aparut Bannerlord si ma simt la fel... ceva lipseste... Eu nu stiu sa...
  2. Need More Info please help me someone!

    my game dont start. i tried anythink in the forum without download from the TaleWorld website cous i dont know where the downlowd... pls help me
  3. dijiTurk

    BL Scening Heightmap for the "Valley of the Kings" ?

    Hi. I can't get a good heightmap for "Valley of the Kings". I tried some online heightmap generating websites, and also checked some softwares(like world machine=> seems too hard for me) ---> but i only had bad results. So, could someone share a good heightmap for the area? ( Google Haritalar...
  4. DetektivAro

    WB Coding Coding advice? Anyone?

    So I was thinking of making a magic weapon that will act like a ranged weapon. It would shoot like a bow or crossbow, but instead of a arrow coming out, a meteor would fall out of the sky on the targeted place with it not falling right on the crosshair but in its general vicinity ( like some...
  5. DetektivAro

    WB Coding Warband new animations. Help?

    Would anybody be willing to tell/teach me how to add new animations. I can animate I just don't understand how to export the skeleton to blender or some other program and then edit it correctly. Every time I tried it somehow I would fail. Is there a tutorial on it or something. I would like to...
  6. AlbertFaubrein

    WB Coding How to spawn the player character in multiplayer ?

    I would like to know how can I spawn the player character in multiplayer. I've created a new game mode where the player can spawn by pressing a button in a menu but I don't know which operation I should use to spawn the player. I've already try the operation player_spawn_new_agent but nothing...
  7. AnandaShanti

    Who's the captain in an army fight? What companions perks perk who up?

    When I enter battle with an army party with me I'm presented the Order of battle screen, which I can't interact with. The tool tip says I will control all formations. HOWEVER, the portrait of my companion who leads the party in my army is shown over the Horse archer formation. This worries me as...
  8. Latest Diplomacy version + PBOD and Freelancer for 1.174

    Hi. I'm a new modder here Where can I get the Diplomacy and PBOD and Freelancer mod sys? I need to add them to my mod because they are really popular and almost essential to a mod. Also, can you guide me as to how I install these on my mod? Thanks !!!
  9. How do i barter with companion parties?

    I had some trouble a while ago, when my parties were just staying at citys, and bugging out at villages. I thought "yeah thats a bug" but then i found out they were trying to recruit, but couldnt cause they were broke. Solution? Give them money, but when i try to talk with them on the map, the...
  10. BL Scening Soft Border Appearing Underneath Heightmap

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new at using the scene editor. I was just trying to add soft borders on my heightmap that I imported from Gaea, and the borders are appearing under the map and look all wonky. If you guys have any idea on what I did wrong please let me know. Thanks Photo of borders
  11. Launcher wont Launch?! lol

    As the title says, my launcher doesnt work. I can open the game via the bannerlord 2 exc in the bin folder and play just fine...but the launcher wont open no matter what i try. Need help, this was a fresh install with no mods on a system i reset. I installed it twice but nothing is working...
  12. animation_combat.xml isn't working / moddable anymore

    I noticed that the animations_combat.xml isn't moddable anymore. I was able to use it to slow down the duration of animations, but recently no matter what value it is set to it doesn't seem to do anything. Did something change? I have the correct project.mbproj as well.
  13. Aging mechanics, and what happens after you and first lords die.

    There's lots of conflicting info out there, so thought I'd ask here. What exactly happens after you die, and what happens after first lords die? Children take over, right? So can they marry, get pregnant, and do all things that can be done in ''beginning'' of the game?
  14. Looking for a certain Battanian "Highland Mail Shirt" ID

    I am making a new Troop Tree for the battanians and I am unable to find the "ID" for the new armors that have been added. They are "Highland Mail Shirt", and the shoulder piece "Highland Mail Shoulders". I've looked throughout Spitems.xml, and SpnCharacters.xml as well as many other .xmls that...
  15. AnandaShanti

    "Disabled infertility chance and instead introduced a reduced pregnancy probability with every additional child" HOW MUCH tho?.

    It's that magical time when I have to stop killing people and get pregnant again, but it's just not happening (again), forcing me to think about the mechanics of it! My current MC is a 35yo femzo and has made 10 babie so far, last birth was twins. Game started in 1.5.2 beta carried into 1.5.3...
  16. blanketParty

    Faction Specific Language Overhaul Mod

    Hello ! So I made a post on Reddit about wanting to start this mod. The idea is to make languages for each faction inspired by ancient languages. I have been using modern tongues as well just to speed up the process a bit as it takes a while to find all the info on older languages. Nonetheless...
  17. Julius_Persi

    Need More Info Children sons stats as adult

    Hi guys: My character died, and my son after some years get 18 years old, but I noticed the next: I wanted to level the son, but is a character at lvl 24, with many stats unfocused, a jack of all trades but master of none, is there a way to make characters at lvl 0 or reset the points...
  18. Resolved Crashes

    Hello, I bought mount and blade bannerlord on steam, and today i tried to launch it, but nothing happened. When I go to my profile it does say that I am in game playing it, but the game doesn't launch. Is there a way someone could help me with that?
  19. left2live

    alt +?

    I recently got back to enjoy the game when i faced a very anoyigng bug: i cant make my own faction despite having all the requirements. I did read that during an update they allowed us to access the dev command by pressing alt + ~ BUT that combo has never worked for me since im on a swedish...