1. Charly30

    How to hide ennemy's troops on the battlefield?

    Hi there, I searched but couldn't find in the game options: is it possible to hide the location of enemies on the battlefield? When we give orders to our troops the enemy's position is revealed to us even when they're 300m away at night behind a hill on the other side of the Amazon rainforest...
  2. SP - Battles & Sieges Window-licking, crayon-eating commanders need better AI.

    I just saw a formation of 450+ Sturgian infantry, in a battle where the Sturgians outnumbered the Battanian army by 350 men, get absolutely mown down because the commander decided to make a shield wall and keep our archers behind them... instead of advancing and making use of the one advantage...

    I really enjoy using this bug to play as my other family members without losing my main character. I really enjoy manually leveling up all of my heirs, and i love being able to fight my “dad” and uncles in tournaments, its so much fun. Please don’t patch it, it honestly adds so much more to the...
  4. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Hmmm, I really really want to target troops at other troop groups, I want to feel in COMMAND, I hate the AI

    Previously I had agreed with @Callum in another thread ( can't find it) that to would be best if the AI was good enough to not have to be micro'd by the player and know what target it should be shooting. Well, I a take it back. I really really want to order attacks on groups of enemies! I like...
  5. DennyWiseau


  6. [Request] Please allow hair tags and beard tags for characters and modders!

    Hello, I'm a mod author of a few Bannerlord mods on the Nexus. One of my greatest annoyances with the way we create troops and characters, is that we basically assign them a range of options between a min and a max. While this is convenient for randomization for some options such as facial...
  7. Middovah

    Resolved 2 AŞIRI ÖNEMLİ KONU

    1) Benim düşmanım neden benim kalemde/şehrimde kalıyor,ben adamın babasını idam ettim hala da adamla savastayim ama adam benim kalemde oturuyor ve hiç bir şey diyemiyorum üstüne üstlük adam bana görev falan vermek istiyor e yuh artık Taleworlds be...
  8. Spanish translate

    Would be great a spanish translate if is possible to play it and be 100% enjoyable :)
  9. Open Game Won't Launch, But Launcher Will

    On Steam. The launcher will open and work fine, but once I click "Play Mount&Blade" it plays the short "Taleworlds Entertainment" intro, and then never reaches the main menu. When fullscreened the whole thing will go invisible after playing the aforementioned intro, and eventually stop...
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