Fog of war effect and direct visibility instead of messages.

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This is kinda' two suggestions that are closely related.

1. Fog of war. We already have a defined sight limit. Adding a fog effect to everything we can't see would allow us to easily gauge our sight range.

2. You often get little messages to say "x town is under siege" or "your village is being attacked". Why not just give us a small sight radius around the towns and villages? That way we can see who's attacking, how many units they have, whether anyone is waiting to intercept them, etc.
This would give a bit more of an advantage to the player but I'm pretty sure the AI lords have this already. Whenever I've tried to take over a castle with my 200 unit army they always send a 200-800 unit army in response. Like they know how many units I have and how many units they need.

3. The two of these together would make the map a lot more interesting. You'd be able to see people passing your villages and keep track of their prosperity from a distance. I honestly wouldn't mind if you had to build a messenger post in each village before it gave you sight, similar to how you had to build one in warband to get notifications when someone attacked it.
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