1. Lornloth00

    Companions are incharge of upgrading units. Automated upgrades for units.

    How about companions can be a clan role that upgrades a certain number of units to a specific tier so that the player doesn't have to? Their could be a clan role for companions like 'unit commander' or 'master trainer' with a dialogue that sets up an order of 50 Imperial legionaries and 50...
  2. The Bowman

    Resolved [1.5.9] Battle upgrade statistics lie. Fewer soldiers get upgraded in reality

    Summary: I've had two curious battles, where fewer of my Aserai cavalry troops wanted to upgrade, compared to what was shown on the battle screen. In the first instance, the battle screen told me 7 were ready to upgrade, but once in the party screen, I discovered they were only 3. In the second...
  3. Sanctumm

    1 button army upgrade

    Please implent a button that can be used to auto upgrade all units that can - those thtat needs to get chosen wheather to be X or Y is not a button option and needs to be chosen manually but those that can really needs a single button - same with prisoners
  4. burni

    Making a horse un-"lame"

    When you have a Lame Horse/Warhorse, you can go to the party menu and upgrade a troop, which needs a horse/warhorse. When using the lame horse for that purpose, you can then cancel the upgrade by closing the menu and voilà, you have a regular horse/warhorse instead of the lame one.
  5. Apocal

    This isn't right. (Aserai Cav)

    So, another Aserai playthrough, this time not going multi-faction (much) for my party. Cool. Aserai have some cool troops, once you get past the sacrifice tiers. But they do have an issue with getting to their high-tier mounted units, specifically T3 (Mameluke Regulars) for their main line and...
  6. Grimmy45

    More visual representation of upgrades to forts and settlements

    A feature that I love in RTS games is being able to see the development a city or a fort makes to defenses or resources. For example when you build a mill or a school in a village, that you see the new building when you enter the village. Right now I find it hard to spot any visibile changes to...
  7. What determines the Horse chosen for upgrading cavalry units?

    so in this game, upgrading cavalry units need horses and war horses from your inventory. but what determines which horse gets chosen? This just happened to me: i had around 20+ of every type of horse in the game except the rare ones like the Battanian Thoroughbred and when i upgraded my...
  8. Holy Shift

    Upgrading Party Leader Companions is Problematic

    We need to go our settlement, disband NPC party, press space, wait a moment, press space, go to settlement, take NPC to party, upgrade the NPC and create party again. All of that just because we cant upgrade NPC unless its in our party. Its for almost no reason and the reason is not worth it.
  9. Upgradeable fiefowner-controlled smithing complex in castles (and towns?)

    In most basic form, this amounts to "why don't we have smithies in castles?" It was one of the most fundamental features present, simply because the more armed men you have around, the more work there is on their equipment that may not be feasible to do without specialist tools. With that out...
  10. Voxdalian

    Cavalry upgrade giving back old horses.

    I don't know if this is the case for all cavalry units, I only know about the Imperial Equite. When upgrading them to Heavy Cavalry they need a warhorse instead of a regular horse, so the upgrade consumes one, but it doesn't give back the old horse. There is some historical realism to this, but...
  11. Auto upgrade all troops button

    Just to clarify, I am talking about the act of going through the menu and clicking to upgrade them, NOT acquiring XP for them to upgrade. Upgrading troops is very tedious at the moment, especially in the late game where you might have 50 - 100 different groups of troops, and you have to scroll...
  12. Fog of war effect and direct visibility instead of messages.

    This is kinda' two suggestions that are closely related. 1. Fog of war. We already have a defined sight limit. Adding a fog effect to everything we can't see would allow us to easily gauge our sight range. 2. You often get little messages to say "x town is under siege" or "your village is...
  13. Unresolved Bug: Excessive Notifications For Prisoner Recruitment

    Summary / Reproduction: Whenever I am currently holding prisoners in my party that are capable of being recruited, I consistently and repeatedly get a party notification (the little red exclamation point in the lower left). I always click on it thinking some of my men are ready to upgrade, only...
  14. More extensive ways to improve Castle/Villages

    Merged with previously somewhat active "Castle Scene Immersion" thread by Ragratt, his OP starts here I would love to have more possibilities to improve my settlements. They could be cost a lot of gold and time, but it would be nice. First of all the should be more ways to improve the food...
  15. andr3wdown

    Need More Info After battle screen says I can upgrade my troops but when going to the party menu I can't

    After battle screen says I can upgrade my troops but when going to the party menu I can't. After most battles the after battle menu show that my imperial recruits can be upgraded but when I go upgrade them the tooltip of the troop exp bar says I don't have enough exp even when earlier the battle...
  16. Unresolved Bug upgrading troops while shuffling others around

    In the party screen when you click on a troop type that is able to upgrade (troop [1]), and then drag the troop underneath them (which are not eligible to upgrade) to the top, and then click the upgrade button of troop [1], it says the troops are not eligible to upgrade. (If you then re-select...
  17. Need More Info Militia and Caravan Guard lines missing upgrades

    I assume the militia spearmen/archers are supposed to upgrade to veteran militia, and armed trader -> caravan guard -> veteran caravan guard For the major factions none of these are upgradeable or connected (in encyclopedia) except by their name.
  18. Grumblingstorm

    All troops in party lost their exp/upgrade points

    When travelling on the map I ran out of food and was unable to pay my troops wages for a day. I had a lot of soldiers ready to upgrade but was holding off till I had more money. 2 Soldiers defect when I can't pay or feed them for the day and when I go onto my party screen to check who I noticed...
  19. Dig_s_men

    Resolved Crash after trying to upgrade unit

    I was minding my own business, when an unit decided to level up and I went and clicked the button, the game stopped and crashed...
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