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I seem to be alone in thinking this but high tier foot soldiers are far too athletic.

They seem to run everywhere as a standard motion and it looks ridiculous watching them slide over the landscape with no friction or weight to them.

Its silly watching guys with heavy armor and a huge shield just run and run and run forever.

Alot of effort was put in to make cavalry feel really grounded and rigid, and yet people on foot skate around with none of it. The pacing is totally imbalanced.

It may be one of the reasons why cavalry are suffering somewhat. Infantry AI is too good at times, often sniping cavalrymen right off their horse by performing an operation on their legs as they fly past at 20mph. I dont enjoy playing cavalry too much in this game, the AI are far too efficient at removing your shoes and clipping your toenails with perfect precision and accuracy as you attempt to jump them. Most lances are too short to outrange them too.

I was hoping for a slower, heavier pace in Bannerlord, with armor that actually functions. Instead I got the opposite, floaty infantry combat, peasants comparable to legionaries, vibranium arrows, crappy cavalry and armor made of tissue paper.

Hoping these things are fixed in future patches, but I am concerned that everyone is content with sword and board surfers.
If you are having issues lancing, I'm sorry to say that is entirely on you. Bannerlord plays differently than Warband mounted. You'll have to adjust and aim your weapons lower than you used to in order to hit.

As far as Lances being too short, I can successfully (at medium risk) Thrust a Menavlion (An Infantry Spear) that's 150 length, and rarely get hit. My Go to Starter spear is an Imperial Spear(175 length) and I can basically never be hit while charging unless they have a spear. Anything over 175 length should easily net you enough weapon length to hit someone and not be hit -- unless you are riding right at the foe, which you shouldn't be, they should be off to the left or right. If 175 is too short for couching, such as the Sturgian Light Lance (175 Length I believe) just go get a bigger Lance, there are plenty at 200+ Length which I personally find too long for myself to use. Though to Joust other Lancers, and Spearmen you will need these longer beasts.

As far as infantry charging in heavy armor, you are absolutely spot on though. They run like Usain bolt. Which is especially apparent in tournaments where they come blazing across the field like Road runner kicking up dust particles the whole time.
Athletics skill seems to have a much bigger effect than it did in Warband. By around 100 Athletics, you can move pretty fast even in heavy armor. Maybe its too fast, but I personally think running fast is a lot more fun than running slow, so I'm ok with it.
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