1. Resolved v1.1.0 Beta Athletics_Mighty Blow Bug

    Summary: Applying the perk(Mighty Blow) of the athletics skill increases max hit points by skill level How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Save File ->...
  2. Resolved BUG Beta patch - Athletics Perk Mighty Blow - increases health too much

    Summary:Athletics Perk Mighty Blow - increases health too much. It says that it should increase the health +1 for each point after 250 skill, but actually it increases the health with each skill point after the 1st skill point. Example: Athletics skill 301, HP increase from Mighty Blow +300 How...
  3. Medivhtratos

    1.5.10 Athletics to slow for you? Here a solution

    1. Install DNSpy or Visual Studio 2. Open the TalesWorldCampaign.dll 3. Search in this .dll after the "DefaultSkillEffects" class 4. Change in this class the numbers, regarding Athletic, by right clicking the Method "InitializeALL" and than press "C# to work with method" 5. Save your changed...
  4. Achievement suggestion Tharos

    I have an idea for a steam achievement. Win the final round of a tournament against Tharos. The dude's athletics and one handed skills are terrifying. He can throw attacks at you faster than half your own attack animation and there is no getting away from him. I finally beat him, but it feels...
  5. Steppe Bandits on Lame Sumpter horses are just sad

    They move so slowly, it feels like a footman with decent athletics score will run faster, though maybe that says more about how fast the Athletic movement speed bonus can get than about the lame version of an already slow horse. Still, from a thematic standpoint, it feels like the bandit group...
  6. Arkyll

    Floaty Infantry?

    I seem to be alone in thinking this but high tier foot soldiers are far too athletic. They seem to run everywhere as a standard motion and it looks ridiculous watching them slide over the landscape with no friction or weight to them. Its silly watching guys with heavy armor and a huge shield...
  7. Jdue89

    [Suggestion] Rearrange perks / PART 1 (Vigor/Control/Endurance) \

    PART 1: There are multiple skill trees that has perks which needs to be in other skill trees or shuffled around in their current tree, to make sense. lets go though them in order. One Handed: The idea behind the one-handed skill is to act as tank (shields) or opt out for a more balanced...
  8. Fattisimo

    Get Athletics Ability for Pushing Ram/Tower with your Men

    Seems like some additional experience points in athletics while working quads would make sense. Simple suggestion and hopefully simple implementation!
  9. Ogagon

    Riding, and athletics skill gains (beta 1.1.0)

    Hi! I feel like the rate at which you gain athletics skill, and riding skill, is too fast. I feel a bit dirty when I see that my riding has gotten up to 120, when my bow is still at 70. I think this should be balanced so that riding, and athletics skills are gained at a slower rate than the...
  10. Pancakelord333

    Does armor weight actually affect run speed?

    Title. So I've played for about 26 hours so far and love the game. I've been screwing around with the Dev console mod to see what perks work before starting my next game. I set my athletics skill to 250 to see how fast I could make my character run (was thinking of trying a no-horse game...
  11. yeahchris

    Is it me, or do riding and athletics level too slowly?

    All of my other skills are outpacing them by a pretty ridiculous margin. Especially weapon skills.
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