Any mod/cheat to reduce the troops that lords/clans recruit from vilages/towns ?

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Hi guys!

Do not know if this is the right place to post and please move where is needs to be.

But does anyone know a mod / cheat to help reduce the amount of troops lords/clans recruit immediately after being released?

From what I can see, right after you release them, they go back to their home town/castle and take some troops from the garrison and then go to the nearest vilage/town and mass recruit everything they can, and after 1 actual real world minute, they are back at your town/castle... and it is just stupid this system...
The AI doesn't feel what it means for your whole army to be wiped out and then taking in game weeks to get it back how it was...

Or a mod or something to stop children or wives to run armies for them?

Just the lord should be able to do that, and not after 1 second after being released ffs, and go to recruit again and want to fight again with ME, the one who destroyed his whole army and released him after...?
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