1. Warband Türkiye 2v2 Piyade Turnuvası
  2. LyonExodus

    Best units in Bannerlord 1.5.9. & 5.10.

    Now i know the info is from 1.5.9. but nothing major changed since 1.5.10. got released. most notable was the Druzhinniks Champions getting a "rebalance" ( can't understand why but ok ) Druzh Champions are updated in the newest version of the Spreadsheet. their stats went down but not as much as...
  3. Shields are OP (combat balance)

    I absolutely hate enemies using shields. As an archer/crossbowman, they'll pull a huge shield from their hip to their face faster than humanly possible, and catch your arrow. You can also aim over the shield at their exposed head but the magical shield still somehow stops it. Same thing when...
  4. Monkey

    Resolved [1.5.7 beta] Cavalry (3) formation has Infantry (1) formation's icon and speech

    I have only clan members (spouse, brother, sister-in-law and wanderers) in my cavalry (3) formation. They're all mounted and carry melee weapons as primary weapons and bows as secondary weapons. The rest of my party is composed exclusively of mounted archers in my mounted archers (4) formation...
  5. Captain mode - Skirmishers Fastest infantry units?

    Hey guys, We were playing around with some commonly unused unit compositions the other day. Had fun using skirmishers and had some good rounds. In the last round I thought I would run decoy and bait the infantry into chasing me while our bows work, thinking these little fellas were going to...
  6. cyberonn

    Realistic Approach on Armors

    Most people state that archers are OP. When I want to form a balanced army like %40 Infantry, %40 Archer and %20 Cavalry; battles are usually already won before any melee fight, thanks to archers. So it makes infantry useless. Yes, archers should counter infantry and I have no problem with...
  7. Von Winterfeld

    Lord on horseback & infantry formation

    I've noticed that if a lord is on horseback but treated as infantry, when you issue an order to the infantry, he joins the infantry battleline but then any formation change for the infantry uses the cavalry spacing! e1.41.
  8. HalfMetalJacket

    Imperial Legionaries too good?

    Posted this in what was probably the wrong forum, so I'm going to make the thread here instead. Now I could be in a minority, but I reckon Imperial Legionaries are too good. The supposed pride and joy of Sturgia, their Veteran Infantry, can only go 50/50 with the same group of Legionaries. All...
  9. HalfMetalJacket

    Imperial Legionaries too good?

    I could be in a minority, but I feel like part of the reason why Sturgia doesn't feel so great to play is because their main strength, heavy melee infantry, can only go 50-50 with the heavy infantry of the Empire factions. The fact that the Empire also have amazing cavalry and better options...
  10. Please give shields to every faction's tier 2 infantry

    Only khuzait, empire, and sturgia get shields for their tier 2 infantry. Aserai tribesmen, vlandian footmen, and battanian clan warriors lack shields until tier 3. Something simple like a horseman's kite shield for vlandian footmen, southern round shield/desert oval shield for tribesmen, and a...
  11. Arkyll

    AI can hit around your shield but you cannot do the same?

    I have a bit of an issue with shields in Bannerlord. I like the directional blocking but there is a pretty serious problem I have with the AI. If your shield isnt on-the-pixel-perfect the AI will clip you around it. I have yet to hit an AI around their shield, even if it is not being used...
  12. Arkyll

    Floaty Infantry?

    I seem to be alone in thinking this but high tier foot soldiers are far too athletic. They seem to run everywhere as a standard motion and it looks ridiculous watching them slide over the landscape with no friction or weight to them. Its silly watching guys with heavy armor and a huge shield...
  13. Unresolved Title

  14. fermionic_friend

    Infantry should have access to deployable stakes to help deter calvary charges.

    The below is an excerpt from an earlier reply I made concerned with specifically with horse archers and infantry, which can be found here. Obviously, I would personally love to see a system like this implemented, but I'm curious what you all think about something like this?
  15. TheGrainMan

    Unresolved Offensive siege behavior borked

    Problem 1: Infantry are called archers and ignore commands to archers Problem 2: Infantry and archers completely ignore siege towers and run up to the wall beneath it Problem 3: Archers not firing back at defenders Problem 4: Infantry only using 1 siege tower when there are 2 Version: 1.1.0...
  16. About infantry and stamina

    Hi guys, so im pretty deep in the game with about 150 hours, and I wanted to share and debate with you guys about infantry, because im a Vlandian lord with about 700 troops and not one of them is infantry. Half of them are sharpshooters and the other half is cavalry. Why? Well because if I can...
  17. wherearewee

    AI forms a mosh pit around ranged units

    Seems like every time the AI lord goes for a strategy of ranged in the center with infantry encircling to protect, allied troops get stuck in an endless blob of running back and forth around a central blob of stationary troops. They don't react to enemies until they're right on top of them. Over...
  18. Infantry-Only Siege Mode?

    Having massive infantry fighting close quarters,shield walls and archer fire is what sieges are all about. Most castle sieges should be infantry only. There could be other multiplayer maps battles which are in open fields (and there can be massive cavalry charges) Just an idea
  19. VI. Legion

    VI. Legion "Phoenix"

    The VI. Legion is an experienced and friendly clan aiming for a fun and casual atmosphere while maintaining a competitive spirit. With the know-how we gathered in over 5 years of playing together we believe that we can reach this goal in the name of the Empire! The VI. is the successor of the...
  20. NooBishCheekY

    Kingdom of Landric

    (Will be updating this page soon just some basic info for now) Kingdom of Landric We are mainly EU based but do have plenty of NA members Currently we are running a infantry and guard units. Hoping to form up a archery / cavalry units later on down the line. Still running a Holdfast Reg...
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