1. Jason of the Argonauts

    MP "Medium Infantry" perk for Aserai Guards in Battle

    1.72 added a perk to the Vlandian Voulgier that gives them a spear, sword, and shield to supplement their weak Peasant Levy class. A similar perk would do wonders for the Aserai Guard class in Battle mode. In Skirmish getting three spawns with the Aserai Tribal Warrior is enough to wear down...
  2. LyonExodus


    Alright, so you might know that with the release of 1.7.2. some units have been modified and changed, i have run some tests to update you on the "New Meta" of infantry units. the ones you should go for and the ones you should avoid or not simply head bash into the enemies, some units, like the...
  3. Ask

    Hired blades and other tavern mercenaries

    Is it me or they are all exceptionally bad for how expensive and rare they are? Stats wise they all seem alright and on par with regular troops but their equipment is absolutely terrible, I know that on the encyclopedia their equipment shown is only for reference and they have some variation...
  4. Sturgian Noble Line: Infantry or Cavalry?

    One of my biggest disappointments is the lack of a truly elite infantry line in Bannerlord and Sturgia's lore suggests that it would fit them perfectly, but instead they have a heavy cavalry line extremely similar to the Imperial Factions and Vlandia. I figured I would post a poll and see if...
  5. five bucks

    SP - General Changes required to create Good Tactics™

    Bannerlord's field battle tactics are currently shallow. Armour being weak against arrows means the best tactic is obvious: sit your archers on a hill, put a small amount of infantry in front of them, and watch them kill everything. Or, get a party of all horse archers (Khan's Guard are...
  6. anoddhermit

    Findings on Shield Infantry vs. Archers after tests

    The greatest average survivability award goes to the Aserai Veteran Infantryman and the Sturgian Heavy Axeman. Legionary was third. Against foot archers, things were more equal with the Vlandian Sergeant doing much better - it performed awful vs. Horse Archers. The worst average survivability...
  7. Warband Türkiye 2v2 Piyade Turnuvası
  8. LyonExodus

    Best units in Bannerlord update for 1.5.9. up to 1.6.1.

    Just so you know fellow Lords: this post is still relevant in 1.6. & 1.6.1. as no much as happened to the units or AI. i will update this page when and if some changes happen, everything said below about weapons and Cavalry is still pretty much untouched. Another reason is, at the time i made...
  9. Shields are OP (combat balance)

    I absolutely hate enemies using shields. As an archer/crossbowman, they'll pull a huge shield from their hip to their face faster than humanly possible, and catch your arrow. You can also aim over the shield at their exposed head but the magical shield still somehow stops it. Same thing when...
  10. Monkey

    Resolved [1.5.7 beta] Cavalry (3) formation has Infantry (1) formation's icon and speech

    I have only clan members (spouse, brother, sister-in-law and wanderers) in my cavalry (3) formation. They're all mounted and carry melee weapons as primary weapons and bows as secondary weapons. The rest of my party is composed exclusively of mounted archers in my mounted archers (4) formation...
  11. Captain mode - Skirmishers Fastest infantry units?

    Hey guys, We were playing around with some commonly unused unit compositions the other day. Had fun using skirmishers and had some good rounds. In the last round I thought I would run decoy and bait the infantry into chasing me while our bows work, thinking these little fellas were going to...
  12. cyberonn

    SP - Battles & Sieges Realistic Approach on Armors

    Most people state that archers are OP. When I want to form a balanced army like %40 Infantry, %40 Archer and %20 Cavalry; battles are usually already won before any melee fight, thanks to archers. So it makes infantry useless. Yes, archers should counter infantry and I have no problem with...
  13. Von Winterfeld

    Lord on horseback & infantry formation

    I've noticed that if a lord is on horseback but treated as infantry, when you issue an order to the infantry, he joins the infantry battleline but then any formation change for the infantry uses the cavalry spacing! e1.41.
  14. HalfMetalJacket

    Imperial Legionaries too good?

    Posted this in what was probably the wrong forum, so I'm going to make the thread here instead. Now I could be in a minority, but I reckon Imperial Legionaries are too good. The supposed pride and joy of Sturgia, their Veteran Infantry, can only go 50/50 with the same group of Legionaries. All...
  15. HalfMetalJacket

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Imperial Legionaries too good?

    I could be in a minority, but I feel like part of the reason why Sturgia doesn't feel so great to play is because their main strength, heavy melee infantry, can only go 50-50 with the heavy infantry of the Empire factions. The fact that the Empire also have amazing cavalry and better options...
  16. Please give shields to every faction's tier 2 infantry

    Only khuzait, empire, and sturgia get shields for their tier 2 infantry. Aserai tribesmen, vlandian footmen, and battanian clan warriors lack shields until tier 3. Something simple like a horseman's kite shield for vlandian footmen, southern round shield/desert oval shield for tribesmen, and a...
  17. Arkyll

    AI can hit around your shield but you cannot do the same?

    I have a bit of an issue with shields in Bannerlord. I like the directional blocking but there is a pretty serious problem I have with the AI. If your shield isnt on-the-pixel-perfect the AI will clip you around it. I have yet to hit an AI around their shield, even if it is not being used...
  18. Arkyll

    Floaty Infantry?

    I seem to be alone in thinking this but high tier foot soldiers are far too athletic. They seem to run everywhere as a standard motion and it looks ridiculous watching them slide over the landscape with no friction or weight to them. Its silly watching guys with heavy armor and a huge shield...
  19. fermionic_friend

    SP - General Infantry should have access to deployable stakes to help deter calvary charges.

    The below is an excerpt from an earlier reply I made concerned with specifically with horse archers and infantry, which can be found here. Obviously, I would personally love to see a system like this implemented, but I'm curious what you all think about something like this?
  20. TheGrainMan

    Resolved Offensive siege behavior borked

    Problem 1: Infantry are called archers and ignore commands to archers Problem 2: Infantry and archers completely ignore siege towers and run up to the wall beneath it Problem 3: Archers not firing back at defenders Problem 4: Infantry only using 1 siege tower when there are 2 Version: 1.1.0...
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