Thought I'd give the new patch a go and check how's the AI doing nowdays

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Here it is:

When are we finally going to see armies ignoring a puny party of a few men they have no chance of ever catching up with instead of being stuck for days running in circles until they run out of food and begin to starve and/or our faction's army is finally done conquering the town so they decide to go after another fief of another faction they are at war with, on the other side of the map instead of trying to reclaim their own fief that is right next to them?

It's not only immersion breaking, it just doesn't make sense whatsoever.
The priorities of the AI are all messed up completely.
Without taking into account the amount of times I have seen them failing a siege where they made huge losses only to keep waiting to recover the wounded and keep trying over and over until they are left with almost nobody and be all captured instead of running away in good time. (I am fine with them making a mistake in their calculations and attempting a siege they were not guaranteed to win, but they should stop insisting once it becomes clear they have no chance.)
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