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Disclaimer: [ExImp] is part of the multi-gaming community [Eliteteam] and offers a community for players and clans around Mount & Blade. For M&B: Warband - Napoleonic Wars, the Imperial Army (Kaiserliches Heer [kk]) offers a good contact for numerous events. In Bannerlord, we are happy to welcome guest players, veterans and newcomers who can throw themselves into turmoil with sword and shield or chat about war tactics. You are welcome to visit us.

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"There is always victory where there is unity. Never give up, never surrender. The decision is made"
With these words, the Emperor of the HOLY EMPIRE sends his general and Archmaster. His mission is simple: Unite CALRADIA.
As the Archmaster is determined to fulfill his masters goal, the small kingdoms and tribes must be united or destroyed. Like ravens his forces will bring a bad omen for those who oppose the Holy Emperor.

History (Roleplay)

What we offer

A diverse multi-gaming community as an umbrella organization
Reliable structures , Fairness and Leadership with 10 years of community management experience
TS3 Server with +300 slots
A German-Speaking-Only-Clan
Several clans/player groups for more fun
Several Game Servers in acquisition
A fine opponent for international challengers

You are Leader of a house or want to become one?

With 10 or more active players, you have a chance to fight for the SACRUM IMPERIUM.
Visit the TeamSpeak server and check it out. We are also happy to accomodate publics.

On a short note

[ExImp] is the banner of many houses/clans from Bannerlord. The Alliance would like to set competitive and roleplaying heavyweights. Our goal is to conquer the servers of Bannerlord and take the name [ExImp] to the top. On dark wings.

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These Houses fight for the SACRUM IMPERIUM


Aikadran Bumatrok (tba)

Additional Info


With the launch of Mount & Blade: Bannerlord not all functions of the multiplayer are available at the beginning. Game offers of the community will be based on the FEATURES of the multiplayer mode, but nevertheless a joint game will be possible. Designations and names within [ExImp] may change over time as game features change. Ts³ IP: kaiserlichesheer.eu /

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Join - Report - Grasp a spear.
[ExImp] ist das Banner vieler Häuser/Clans aus Bannerlord. Der Verbund möchte kompetitive und Rollenspiel-Schwergewichte setzen. Unser Ziel ist es die Server von Bannerlord zu erobern und den Namen [ExImp] an die Spitze zu tragen - Auf dunklen Schwingen.
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Die thread ist sehr gut gemacht. Gute Arbeit! Die leute in diesem clan sind sehr freundlich und professionell. Sie werden sich sehr schnell zu hause fühlen und dass sie eine herzliche familie sind. Ich empfehle auf jeden Fall, mit ihnen zu spielen. :smile:
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At 2000 hours gmt+1 on the 26th of April there will be a huge multiplayer event occuring in Mount & Blade Warband. Therefore I also want to invite Bannerlord Clans with atleast 6 men - no maximum - to participate in the perhaps last great organised Battle of Warband Multiplayer.

Info Thread: https://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?topic=43842.0

Sign-Ups also via PM

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> last great organised Battle of Warband Multiplayer.

There's still well over a dozen big clan events weekly on various modules, and there will be as long as we don't have custom servers in Bannerlord.