imperial army

  1. Norvell9

    Add some Imperial cavalries PLS

    When can TaleWorlds consider adding a civilian line of cavalries to the Empire? I mean, when other countries have civilian cavalry, the Empire does not, which is strange. What's more, the Batanians who live in the forest have two cavalry lines(and they don't look so different at all), while the...
  2. Feldmarschall Ben

    Excercitus Imperatorius - Organising a great Event right now | READ

    Disclaimer: [ExImp] is part of the multi-gaming community [Eliteteam] and offers a community for players and clans around Mount & Blade. For M&B: Warband - Napoleonic Wars, the Imperial Army (Kaiserliches Heer [kk]) offers a good contact for numerous events. In Bannerlord, we are happy to...