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Caesar's Rome is a mod being developed by Outworld Studios. It takes place 60-45 B.C, shortly after Marian Reform of the Roman Legions during Caesar's conquests of Europe & his civil war against Pompey who represented the Senate. Armor (like the Lorica Hamata), weapons, and buildings will be historically accurate for the era. It will have a very similar approach to Napoleonic Wars in the sense of unit type for battles. You will have the option of playing several types of Roman units such as, Legionaries, Praetorian Guard, Creten Archers, Velites, Auxiliary Infantry, and Ballista/Scorpion Artillery. Within each unit type, there will be unit sub roles such as Infantry, Eagle Bearer, Centurion (officer), Legate, etc. Some of the multiplayer factions include but are not limited to.

- Caesar's Legions
- Pompey's Legions
- Arverni (Gaul)
- Suebi


- Parthia

Uniforms of some unit types:

1. Arverni Oathsworm "Soldurii"


2. Centurion


3. Legionary


4. Numidian Desert Spearmen


5. Caesar's Legions Legate Uniform


6. Parthian Cataphract Armor

The idea here is to get players to use the mod in such a way that it's used in Napoleonic Wars for clan matches; such as getting players to form legions or tribes (like regiments in NW) to have multiplayer skirmishes & battles between each other where they can utilize roman formations & tactics with Centurions/Legates at command. They would also have access to some of the more barbaric tribes like Averni and Suebi if they preferred a more disorganized style of warfare.

The plan is to incorporate a small build mechanic that would help enhance multiplayer matches, in which players could build small fortifications like palisades much like the Roman Legions made use of in ancient times, to fight defensively. We also intend to make larger maps so that scouting must be used to locate your opponent. This brings us onto the maps.

We strive for historical accuracy, therefore historical battle maps will be recreated as such. Take for example the Battle of Alesia, it was a classic example of Siege Warfare, It was fought by Julius Caesar in Gaul against a confederation of Gallic Tribes united under leadership by Vercingetorix of the Arverni. He led a revolt on the Roman occupiers and his final stand was at Alesia. This is where Caesar famously built a double wall around Alesia to starve their defenders. But also to protect his flank from Tribesmen arriving to help.


There will also be non-historical maps that represent generic battlefields of different theaters of war during the time frame of this mod. Expect to see large deserts, forests, valleys, towns, & cities, as potential locations for multiplayer matches.

Most likely, the first version of the mod will only feature integrated assets such as armor & weapons for player characters and mounts. So it will be regular multiplayer with Roman assets, until we make future releases/updates that gradually lead to a full release of the mod.

If you would like to follow the progress of my Mod, join my discord. I have a public chat & update channel to provide news of the development of the project.

**RECRUITING:** We are pleased to announce we are looking for a skilled 2d artist with skills in logo design, graphics designs and concept art for main menu & other loading screens. Please join the Discord and speak to Moose.


If you'd like to support our mod, you can donate $1 on our patreon:

Music: Caesar's Rome Theme
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So with the fortifications are you thinking like anglo-zulus building? I think that would be cool.

Art looks cool :smile:
Very similar to Anglo-Zulus & Napoleonic Wars. Fortifications will include palisade walls (with ramparts for soldiers), small towers, steaks, potentially gate houses, small palisade walls for cover from arrows. Those are some off the top of the my head that I'd like to include but potentially aren't the only kind of fortifications that would be in the mod.
This sounds really cool, playing as part of a roman cohort besieging some Gallic strongholds and building some ad hoc structures as we move up to a fortress. Would you want siege game play to be slower, or I guess have more time in the pre-wall-breach bit to accommodate for building fortifications?
Well, siege mode right now is not yet planned. The idea is to play on large maps and give players a sense of sandboxyness and potentially the need for scouting. Siege mode would be a pseudo siege in regular player battles as teams would have options to build fortifications mid game or be on the move. I'd like to do away the need to play a different game mode in this mod, and just make it all in one. This might complicate things in terms of siege towers moving, so we may just only use attacks by players or artillery to knock down fortifications as opposed siege engines (because they typically move with pre scripted nodes). It all ready depends on the skill of the programmer and limitations of the game. If there is room to script resource gathering and felling trees to build fortifications, that would be something I'd look at incorporating; But it will most likely be a point buy systems to build forts.
That would be great if battles could last long enough and also have a good incentive to make forts, a siege coming out of a battle seems awesome. Jumped in the discord so I'll make sure to keep an eye on progress. Aside from the siege engines, is there any other potential limitations for this, hope I don't have to wait too long before I see something like this in action :smile:
Potentially. A campaign overhaul will be considered after the multiplayer mod release.However we do not currently have plans for it. Our focus is a robust multiplayer.
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Looks incredible! The first thing I thought when playing Bannerlord was "I can't wait for the Rome mod"!
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