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Embark on a more immersive and strategic journey in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord with the Dynamic Troop Equipment System mod. This innovative modification changes the way your troops equip for battle, making every victory more rewarding and every decision more impactful.

Key Features:
  • Integrated Armoury: Troops now have access to a dynamic army armoury. By defeating or incapacitating enemy soldiers (except hero units), a complete set of the fallen enemy's equipment will be added to your armoury upon victory.
  • Realistic Equipment Upgrades: Troops no longer magically receive new equipment when they level up. Instead, they will select appropriate equipment from their armoury.
  • Equipment Selection: Soldiers will prioritise equipment based on their level and the value of the item. Weapon selection is limited to the types traditionally wielded by their respective unit types (e.g. one-handed mace, two-handed swords, throwing axes). If no suitable weapons are available, a random melee weapon will be selected.
  • Equipment Recovery: Even if your troops are killed in battle, their equipment can be recovered if you emerge victorious.
  • Standard Loot System Unaffected: You'll still receive loot according to the original game mechanics, which can be considered loot from the enemy armoury.
  • Player-centric: This dynamic equipment system will only affect player troops and will not affect NPC units, including family NPCs.
  • New recruit equipment: When you recruit new soldiers, their starter equipment is automatically added to your armoury.
  • Armory Management: Access and manage your armory from the town menus. Note: Crafting equipment may be subject to bugs.

More information:
  • Compatibility: The mod is compatible with other mods that do not introduce new equipment types.
  • Recommended Launcher: Use the BUTR launcher for optimal performance.

Source Code & Community Links:
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