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I'm interested in making a mod inspired by the custom maps of Warcraft 3, and roguelikes like ToME: a sort of cooperative multiplayer hero defence/RPG mod in which players spawn in together from a 'lobby', and fight through different challenges that would likely be randomized/dependent on choices.The basic idea should be fairly simple to make: players spawn together on some map, enemy spawns are triggered based on player location/time/previous spawns dying/etc., and we should be able to give the players messages/have some sort of group dialogue system.

Unfortunately this seems to be somewhat difficult to make in practice; I've only gotten as far as making a multiplayer gamemode with a custom name, and nothing interesting happening. However, I'm sure with a browse through other mods's source codes and messages boards for information, this shouldn't be too tough.

Some planning/work/description is in the discord server: If you're interested, feel free to join/contribute.
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