MP Musket Era Attila the Nun's Skins. Prussian and chasseur Greatcoats Released

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Hello Atilla, could you please make a model / texture for me? I already posted it somewhere else and someone linked me to this thread, and that Marshal-hat looks badass!  :mrgreen:
I'm wondering if you could make Marshal Lannes for me, which overwrites napoleon.. Here are some pictures:

Could anyone please make a French Marshal Uniform ( Instead of Napoleon )

Hat+Outfit visible
Hat + Uniform:
Only Uniform:
Only Hat:



My god. Bloody excellent work. I love your British line officer! The hat's my favourite! I was unhappy that the 33rd officer didn't have such a hat!

I applaud you sir!

British officer bicorne added into bits and bobs section.

Will try and put a simple open brf tutorial up for sticking hats into game.

Was tasked with making a French Marshal Uniform a long time ago but the intricate lace work scared me off. But maybe i will come back to it since i had only started modeling when i was tasked with it.

There's a lazily done marshal torso



Hey, is it possible to take the marshal hat and put it on a normal infantry unit's head replacing the shako?


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Ooh men that Marshal looks so good! I gunna download it this midday, I hope I can get my OpenBRF To work :/


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I just realised there isn't a download link for the Marshal :sad: When are you going to release it? It looks so good!!
When i was testing the Marshal skin I forgot to set my NW back to vanilla so if i had put a link up for the download you it would of also changed most of the french uniforms so i will have to make a new download thats just the marshal.

Hey can I make a request for a skin that you should make? plus I love your work mate!

Not really doing any new requests at the moment but if you post a picture and the uniform interests me i might take it on, no promises though
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