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Have you ever wanted to play the good and old Persistent World mod, but on napoleonic era?
Then, I will try to give you this happiness!

The object of this module is very simple: Keep the gameplay of persistent world (for me, it's the BEST persistent rpg mod of Warband) and add Napoleonic Wars mod's resources and mechanics to it. Also, make it able to be played with your regiment. Can you imagine it? Set a faction for your regiment on the game?​

I'm trying to do my best on it. To give a good experience to the players. The mod already contains the folowing features:
  • Nationality system: All players, can choose between 6 nationalities wich are French, British, Prussian, Russiand, Austrian and Pirate (Pirate are british, but with diferent war cry voices). The nationality will define what kindda of musics you can play and what language your character will speak on animations.
  • Animated stuff, such tea cups, bottles, etc.
  • Some new banners.
  • Original Napoleonic Wars Musics, with a few navite musics also.
  • Ambience sounds (Ocean, river, birds, etc). If you are traveling in a forest you will hear the sound of the birds. If you are close to a river you will hear the flowing river.
  • Some items and props will be animated by the wind, like the original NW. Ex: Flags, sails, etc.
  • Flags stays up when dropped.
  • March animations. There will be 2 types of walking. The normal walking (Just press the key SHIFT) and the slower walk (Hold the key SHIFT).
  • War cries, like the original NW (Press the key V).
  • Command menu, where your character shout an order (Press the key O). There will be 9 orders.
  • New ships: Frigate, schooner and the longboat. The longboat won't sink like the other ships, it will sink just some meter and stops.
  • Ships can have cannons. And players can use them! But, only if the ships is not moving (Because of a bug, wich I won't tell, where players can take advantage on it).
  • The damage of the cannon shots or rockets are now real. Ex: with 2 round cannon shots you can sink a longboat!
  • Cannons do greater damage to the doors! The smaller the door, more the cannon will deal damage.
  • Doors makes sounds when opening or closing, like the original NW.
  • A new cart horse, more pretty.
  • Bottles can be broken on another player/horse and become broken bottle, wich can be thrown.
  • Normal buildings won't be destroyed by cannons shots (Otherwise, the scene can be complete unplayable). But, be aware that not all buildings can hold a cannon ball or a rocket shot! Wooden stuff are fragile and there's a big chance of the shot pierce a small/medium building.
  • Instruments (like the original NW).
  • Spyglass (like the original NW).
  • Surrender animation (Press the key B).
  • Buy an Artillery Horse with the cannon/howitzer train and deploy it anywhere (Those won't be cheap!).
  • As some members asked, I added some ottoman clothing.
  • There will be Copper Ore to be collected like iron. The copper is used to craft some items. Different of the iron, the copper costs more. And the best is that some players may confuse it with gold.
  • Trade routes system. Check out the "Trade Routes" article for more information.
  • Merchants bots. They can't be killed and can hit anyone. You can find them in a faraway place. They will be foreigns, wich players can export resources more expansive. Note that those resources will be exported, so you won't see them again! You will have to choose: Sell in the normal stockpile and have access to it later, to craft weapons, uniforms, etc OR export it, where the resource will be sold and disappear.
  • Updated all new items prices and attributes.
  • Bank system.
There's also new and edited PW playable troops:
  • Militia: Is a troop used for emergencies. Players can train only in 5 seconds!
  • Mercenary: Almost the same skills of the line infantry.
  • Line Infantry.
  • Light Infantry.
  • Grenadier.
  • Infantry Musician: The only infantry that can use instruments.
  • Infantry Officer.
  • Hussar.
  • Lancer.
  • Cuirassier.
  • Dragoon.
  • Cavalry Musician: The only cavalry that can use instruments.
  • Cavalry Officer.
  • Artillery.
  • Artillery Officer.
  • Sailor.
  • Captain: It's a sailor with the skills of an officer.
  • Emperor: The facction leader.
  • Rebel: Not very strong. Can use every weapon, including bows!
  • Players items and money saving system.
  • Create the Sapper troop. By the voting of us, the community :grin:, sappers will have to pay for their buildings. There will be a limit of buildings on the scene, but it will be huge (To avoid buildings spamming).

For more informations and media check the MODB page:

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