Improve troop trees in vanilla (and some of the Architecture) + additional feature suggestions.

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My Suggestions (too many of them ha!)
First off, this game is awesome and I think Taleworlds is a brilliant company and have done very well with this. However there are a couple of things that are very irritating to me in regards to the troop trees (which should be expanded) and some of the architecture as well. My desire is for Bannerlord to only get better and better and these suggestion that I'm giving would only enhance the game further. If your reading this on a phone, all I can say is sorry.

To me Battania need the most love out of all the factions, especially in regards to Archers.
Troop Trees:
Archers (main tree)- Simply put, Battania needs to have archers in their main troop tree. I'm not sure why the devs are holding back from this but it is not only disapointing but is also emmersion breaking and doesn't make sense. The Battanians live in a heavily wooded enviroment, hunting is a major occupation and ambushes are a favoured tactic. Bows are the best weapon in all these senarios. In addition to this bows would be a very common weapon during the time period this is set in. Even in Battania we have them used by the militia in settlements, by armed traders, commpanions and bandits. Also, the battanians have a commoner archer in multiplayer in the form of the Ranger. These all make the decision to only have noble archers a very strange choice that doesn't seem like a natural development. This is my biggest grievance dealt with; even if only this is changed i'd be happy :wink: - I would like to see at least two archer units in the main tree but three or four is prefered. Awesome!
Cavalry (main tree)- personally I feel that battania would benefit more by having their cavalry focus of skirmishing with javelins (like how the Sturgian cavalry are in their main tree) as they are, as a faction, focused on skirmishing and ambushing tactics.
Infantry (main tree)- Battania could benefit from having pikes to help against the strong cavalry of their opponents. The Oathsworn are also out of place in the main tree as in multiplayer and in the lore they are described as the bodyguards of the generals and kings. Personally it would be good to have them run along side the Fian archers. Other than those changes I'd personally just like to see the recruits be given better equipment and even slings (which are in multiplayer but not single player).
Archers (noble tree)- I personally would like the name fian changed to a Welsh rather than Irish name as the longbows are there due to welsh inspiraton. Maybe Uchelwyr or Teulu. The noble infantry line I suggested can have gaelic names such as Mormaer (or even Fian/Fianna).

*every faction should have two lines for their noble tree in my opinnion.

The thing that bugs me most about Battanian architecture is that the buildings are mostly made from stone. As a woodland based nation, wood should be the main building material used. the cites should have wooden walls ontop of ramparts of earth and the ruined fortification often near these cities should be in the Imperial style. most if not all the castles should be wooden and again be inspired by hillforts. one of the cities (the capital maybe) could be an old imperial city that was built in Battanian lands- the imperial architecture should be clear, but still mixed with battanian culture.

On the whole, Sturgia is looking good.
Troop trees:
Noble tree- personally, as sturgia is an infantry based faction, there should be an infantry line available and could be called huskarls or housecarls. However the cavalry line can still run along side it.
Cavalry (main tree)- if the battanian cavalry is changed to skirmishing based, then I think the cavalry here should become melee focused. This also makes good sense as the Vaegirs are their decendants and their cavalry was melee centred.
Skirmishers (main tree)- with the cavalry moved to the melee side of the tree, it would be great to add foot skirmishers here instead.
*other than whats mentioned, additional units of any type (though especially infantry) would be nice.*

The Calradic
More variation would only benefit.
*All Imperial factions*
Troop trees:

Cavalry (main tree)- the only universal addition to the Imperial factions I would like to see are some melee cavalry units.
*Northern Empire*
Troop trees:
Noble tree- maybe add an infantry line alongside the cataphracts. This infantry line should be based off the the Varangian Guard and will consist entirely of nords armed with Dane axes.
Main tree- add in a couple of Sturgian inspired infantry units and Khuzait inspired horse archers.

*Western Empire*
Troop trees:

Noble tree- maybe could add an additional cavalry line alongside the cataphracts. This cavalry line should be based off the Norman Knights who formed a kingdom in Sicily or alternatively the Latincon (Latin Knights) and would consist entirely of Vlandians
Main tree- add in a couple of Vlandian inspired infantry units and Battanian inspired archers.
*Southern Empire*
Troop trees:

Noble tree- maybe add an Infantry-archer hybrid (lack of a better word) line alongside the cataphracts. This hybrid line should be based off the the Immortals and will be armed with spears, rectangular shields and composite bows. they should consist entirely of Aserai.
Main tree- add in a couple of Aserai inspired cavalry and/or skirmisher units and either Khuzait inspired horse archers or Jawwal inspired Camelry.

Again, Vlandia is looking good.
Troop trees:
Noble tree- personally, as Vlandia is a Cavalry based faction, there should be an additional cavalry line available. However an infantry line can still exist instead. if the cavalry is added, they must be distinct from the Vlandian Knights.
Archers (main tree)- eventhough the focus should be on crossbowmen, I do feel that Vlandia still needs archers, even if they are very basic and the weakest in the game. This is something that Swadia could have done with, and maybe even the Rhodoks too.
*other than whats mentioned, additional units of any type would be nice. Maybe some lighter pikemen or cavalry*

Khuzait Khanate
mostly suggestions for architecture.
Troop trees:
Crossbowmen (main tree)- it would be interesting to see chinese based crossbowmen included.
native warriors- the native warriors of the land now ruled over by the Khuzaits now fighting for them.- they could be an interesting minor faction.
Noble tree- either have a melee focused cavalry line or something different (I'll leave this up for discussion)
the cities that the Khuzaits inhabit (to my knowledge) originally belonged to a different kingdom that the Khusaits conquered. The cities should be in their own style and be as they were without a bunch of tents or empty space. Unless they have brought architects with them from afar or hired some, the repairs and "improvements" made by the Khuzaits should be very rudamentry. It could be intesting to see their cities have weak fortifications and would counterbalance their prowess on the open field. the villages should mostly remain as they are, but to add variation, maybe about half could be made up of only yurts. Finally it could be cool if one of the cities was replaced by a huge encampment with a pallisade wall- feel free to leave this out though.

like the Sturgians and Vlandians before, I can't think of much that I would change for the Aserai.
Troop Trees:
Skirmishers (main tree)- would be great if there were more foot skirmishers to run alongside the archers.
Light cavalry (main tree)- some light cavalry would definetly be a good addition as at the moment we only have the Mameluk cavalry in the main tree which is more of a heavy cavalry unit.
Noble tree- the Aserai should have the immortal inspired hybrid line that I suggested for the southern empire to have. I know the Immortals were Persian and not Arabian/North African but would be cool non the less. A more appropriate unit could be here instead though, or give this usit line a different name.
the Jawwal- these guys need to be a major faction in the game. their archittecture and aesethetic can be drawn from the medieval african kingdoms such as the kingdom of Aksum or the Mali empire.

suggestions for new additions to the game
*Adding the Nords as a major faction.
*Making the Jawwal a major faction.
*Giving us more peaceful options to make money- especially in the early game.
*events in settlements- festivals, weddings, brawls, disease outbreaks etc. these can range from small but frequent, to large and rare. it could also vary in terms of being positive and negative. Events can make visiting these settlements more interesting.
*more occupations for npc's- mainly for cities. Along with this add more variation to the civilian clothing (mainly colour).
*Bathhouses- just gives positive bonuses to moral and health- but if we can enter then it would obviously be decient (no nudity ha ha) but have a pool or bath tubs you can click on and gain a bonus. In addition to this the ability to wash when you set up camp could be cool.
*centres of learning (monestaries and/or universities)- go to learn and develop skills, will be conditional though- money needed for university for example.
*player home(s)- great for storage, rest bonuses and for the family to stay in. Basically a humble version of the castles in game that can be purchased for the early game. As we are lords, these should be manor houses and maybe it could be upgraded to a castle.
*entertainment for player and npc's. The middle ages was very community focused and this should show- toys for children, games, parties, drinking in tavern with companions, story tellers and more. The bards playing in the taverns are brilliant, maybe they could sometimes sing or be part of a group.
*more variation in produce to be bought and sold- more variety in food, and new items such as soap.
*more colours for banners such as having white for primary colour and red and blue for secondary.

The End
I could go on, but this thread is already too long and I must finish it not before it goes too far. Thanks to all who read this and I hope Taleworlds would consider this post, but even if they don't i trust the game will grow to be incredible (it's already one of my favourites). If I have made any mistakes point them out and feel free to give sugestions. Thats all.
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