In Progress All Women In Viking Conquest Dropped In Scale After Patch.... (Reinstalling/New Games Does Not Fix).

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That may be feature. There may be upcoming big patch for vc.
Btw, unless all npcs short, its ok to see short ones.
I posted a ton of Screens of all NPCS, Heroes... Camp Defenders.. all Wizard of Oz material. You can play it yourself and see. lol Been posting for weeks. There are "short" people in the game but as I harped on, every female dropped in scale. Massively. There are tall women in the game it's the Dark Ages. Celtic and Nordic races. The should be slightly under the height of the tallest man at their max.


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I thought there's someone still on tech support here, but maybe they all died.
Good work on fixing the problem, it's a first step towards another unpaid profession, a modder.

If you liked Viking Conquest, make sure you wishlist the next game from the same developer - Below Mankind: The Awakening of Midget Women.
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