1. Closed Pressing ALT wont show allied forces in the field.

    Summary: When I press ALT on the battlefied it only shows enemy numbers and my own troop numbers but not my allies. Is this a bug or is it just because im fighting as a mercenary for the western empire? I do remember that it used to show the allies as well. No mods are being used, and...
  2. ThompsoniusIV

    In Progress Low quality beard

    Summary: Low quality beard How to Reproduce: create (new) character Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer...
  3. Rungsted93

    Need More Info Shields still look way too worn out

    Summary: Has already been reported in the following thread but nothing has happened yet:
  4. LuProHD

    Bannerlord is way to colorful!

    In the old gameplay Videos Bannerlord was looking more dark and not that colorful like its right now. Here is an example: I hope they gonna change the atmosphere and also make the units not uniformly and so much colorfull i preffer way darker colors for the units. Those battles looked way...
  5. In Progress All Women In Viking Conquest Dropped In Scale After Patch.... (Reinstalling/New Games Does Not Fix).

    I'm assuming this is because of the Patch... but this change wasn't noted?? Why is it NPC's, especially females, are insanely short now? This has affected a lot of NPC's and Heroes in the game.
  6. TheLordOfTheDiamond

    SP - General Better visuals in dressing room

    I think we could have better visuals when operating in the inventory. For example, when I select a helmet, I would like to see the character in a close-up. This would allow me to see/appreciate the features of what I am wearing. Similarly, when I change boots, I would like to see a close-up of...
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