1. In Progress All Women In Viking Conquest Dropped In Scale After Patch.... (Reinstalling/New Games Does Not Fix).

    I'm assuming this is because of the Patch... but this change wasn't noted?? Why is it NPC's, especially females, are insanely short now? This has affected a lot of NPC's and Heroes in the game.
  2. Make sense please.

    Game Devs, can we please have a little more reasoning and logic in the game design and features? Some of the perks are just plain silly: infantry wizzing around as if jet assisted; 360 vison for IA troops; Dodging arrows; and auto-blocking peasants. Soo many perks seem to have strange effects...
  3. Aghalen

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Bring back Noble Titles

    I would love to see Titles brought back like in Warband. Apart from the cool factor there's an beneficial aspect to characters having a title to signify rank. It easily conveys information. How I would Implement it: Every Leader of a clan gets a title depending on the Culture of their faction...
  4. Resolved Executed NPC remains stuck inside castle attracting enemy npc's near the castle.

    Summary: Executed NPC remains stuck inside castle attracting enemy npc's near the castle. How to Reproduce: Execute an npc maybe Honoratus. Take over Tepes Castle. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Tepes Castle Media (Screenshots & Video): Version:e1.09 - e1.1.1 Installed community-made...
  5. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops The lack of enemy variety considerably hurts the game prior to being a vassal, and during times of peace.

    Il start this off by saying I don't think the game lacks in content and things to do. Theres rarely a time I am just wondering around bored and especially with the aggressiveness kingdoms seem to have in general, going to war often, seeking peace rarely. however The least exciting parts of the...
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