AI Clans won't marry and go extinct. Two simple solutions.

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It's kinda lame that AI lords wont marry => wont reproduce => clans go extinct
So in the end the player is left alone in Calradia until their clan dies too because no one to marry with. I don't see any point in aging and dynasty management because of this.

There are two simple solutions that in my mind should not take too much effort, until Taleworlds has the time&resources to implement a fully fledged dynasty management system:

1) Spawn random generated spouses for AI clan leaders

It doesn't even have to be that complicated, just a random named NPCs that sit in the clan's fief and allows them to reproduce. For starters, I think this should be limited for clan leaders only, because the risk of exponential growth of clan members if every member is allowed to make children.

2) Disable aging altogether
Really simple solution if option 1 is too much.

Pretty please Taleworlds
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