1. Need More Info Can't donate prisoner lords to dungeons. 1.64 Beta.(still not resolved)

    Summary: Cant donate captured prisoner lords to dungeons. How to Reproduce: Capture a lord, try to donate the lord to a town/castle that have sucessfully defended against previous besiegers. Have you used cheats and if so which: no The error message is "fair enough" but it dont fix the...
  2. Lornloth00

    Executions lead to more rebellions and instability

    I had the thought that one counter for players that go on an execution sprees to take over Calradia is for those players to experience and freakish amount of rebellions as a consequence for executing lords. The more the player executes and the closer the executions are to each other the more all...
  3. Stre0

    Is it bug or a feature?

    Look at this picture please, and share your thoughts.
  4. 1.5.10 Bug (not beta) ransoming the same lord multiple times

    Hello, I've encountered a bug in the current version of the game (1.5.10 I think) where I ransom a captive lord without him getting released. Essentaily allowing me to ransom him a unlimited amount of times for infinite money. This happened once with a lord that I now cant remember and once with...
  5. Need More Info Crashes at conversation with some Lords, Some NPC, Brother / Sister

    i play the game 62 hours, had no issue but after 62 hours gameplay , got crashes like crazy when i try to talk to Lords,NPC, or Brothers. Crash Report : https://crash.butr.dev/report/AA2C734D.html
  6. Ally lords not raiding enemy villages

    I don't know if this is a bug or intended feature but during my years of campaign so far as an Aserai vassal/king, none of the Aserai lords raided any enemy village. Not even once. As soon as a war starts, half of enemy lords rush to burn down our villages but we just build armies and...
  7. To disallow lords from taking my garrison troops

    I found that my top tier troops have been recruited by my vassals without any permission after I created kingdom. Can you disable it?Taking my top tier troops to war and eventually 90% the lords get captured and my top tier troops lost forever. This is pretty frustrating. I have to make them in...
  8. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.9] Lords claiming to be from the wrong faction

    How to Reproduce: Have a Lord switch factions and he will introduce himself as a Lord from is origin faction
  9. Nodice83

    Resolved e1.5.8 Exploit on ransoming captured lords (eleftheroi leader)

    Dear Devs, Quite an exploit to be reported. I was chilling together with my band after Eleftheroi put up a good fight near Syronea. I sold all of my captured prisoners in the tavern, but when it came to ransom their leader i couldn't do it. Game paid me full amont each time i clicked but he...
  10. Gojek

    [QUEST IDEA] Clan banner and 7 Knightly Virtues (COMPLETE STORYLINE)

    Type of quest: big and rather linear quest for the early game Why to implement: after completion you get to choose a symbol for your clan banner. Currently there is no story behind the player's banner. Quest requirement: After starting a new campaign, the player does not have a clan banner. The...
  11. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.5] Some lords and ladies without helmets

    Some lords and ladies, at least of the various Empire factions, do not have a helmet. The screenshot shows the prisoner party screen and the lady does not have a helmet on (either when you speak to her or in battle).
  12. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.5] Raganvad has no boots

    Just fought in a tournament against Raganvad and saw that he did not have any boots
  13. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.4] Missing prisoner transfer arrow

    I just wanted to put the latest lords into my prison and Godun does not have an arrow on his side, meaning I can not move him into the prison. He will also stay in my party prisoner side if I use the double arrows on the top. Edit: He also missed the arrow in the ransoming screen but could be...
  14. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.4] Thais of the Jawwal

    I am all for diversity but adding Thais to the Jawwal is a little bit strange Maybe set some constraints for random generated lords and ladies depending on the clan and/or faction they belong to. Or can other lords join the minor factions during the game?
  15. Gojek

    [QUEST IDEA] Curse on Lord's crops

    Hi, I have an idea for a new quest. Player can help to resolve an issue for one of the Lords. There are 11 different combinations, how to complete this quest. There are different rewards that depend on decisions made by the player. Best regards, Gojek
  16. Need More Info Crash after "Attack" or joining a battle with others

    Hi all. I have a problem (oddly enough!) BL keeps crashing whenever a) I try to join a battle that's already started with other lords involved, or b) try to have (initiate) a battle with lords. No problems with non-named NPCs (as far as factions are concerned). The most recent was when I was...
  17. Fanto

    Need More Info Dungeons problems

    In 1.5.3, the lords of other kingdoms put their captured lords in my dungeon and I get their ransoms. Exemple in my game : Vlandia and Battania are in war. Battanians lord captured Vlandians lords and stock them in my city dungeon (Car Banseth). Vlandians lord do the same with battanians lord...
  18. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.3] Lords not visible on the map

    It seems that some lords are not visible on the map and in the tool tip listing (Romund is my character): Could pertain to the wounded status. This may also be the root of the teleporting lords. I tried to catch Derthert for some days. The encyclopedia and some lords told me that he is either...
  19. Been away for some months, currently in 1.5.3, now honorable lords cost denars to hire?

    Like the title says, honorable lords now cost denars to hire? Is this a new implemented mechanic because I'm not really fond of it, recruiting a lord to your faction is already hard enough -_-
  20. aG3NTo

    Resolved When the last living Lord of a Clan dies and he is in your Kingdom others will still want to give him fiefs

    Beta branch 1.5.2 Im at 3800 days, Lords have died and Clans died out, but my others Clans Lord want to give the Lord that has recently died still fiefs. I will provide as savegame.
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