1. Lesbosisles

    In Progress [e1.7.0] Children are clones of each other

    Summary: It's been almost 2 years, fellas... Yet, the children are still clones to each other! I got 2 sons, they look absolutely alike! Other clans have many children and they all are clones! Seriously, you have the randomizer algorithm, haven't you? Is it that hard to fix? Really breaks...
  2. Lesbosisles

    In Progress [e1.7.0 Beta] Transgender children

    Summary: A few updates ago I reported a bug with transgender lords. I was told that this was fixed, yeeeet, now I have 2 transgender boys in my family. I already see a rainbow over Lageta. My Imperial wife is happy, but my Sturgian boiz don't invite me to the tavern anymore. How to Reproduce: No...
  3. Spyware

    Reusing "lost" noble children of extinct clans as companions when they turn 18-30.

    Wouldn't it be kinda cool if they come back as Companions trying to reclaim their birthright? I mean, I have an inkling they're going to re-add the ability to grant fiefs to Companions again, so it'd be cool if we have something like this anyway.
  4. Gender of children is not specified

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Have a child Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: N/A OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD): You have no way to tell which gender your newly born child...
  5. Resolved Child Units

    I uninstalled all my mods verified my integrity and all the mercenary units are children models and are unkillable. The game runs 100% besides these unkillable little demons.
  6. Is there an in game age limit to producing children?

    My character and his wife are entering middle age now and I am wondering, if there is an age limit to producing children. Is there a cap to the age that female characters can get pregnant, and if so what age is that? Basically, is there a digital menopause worked into the game or can female...
  7. Need More Info My husband won't put a baby in me!

    I've posted about this before and it got resolved. However, once again I've been married for quite a while now and producing children seems to be but a fleeting dream.
  8. Need More Info How to make brother have kids? Wife keeps moving 1.5.7 main

    I want my brother to have children, I got him married and I put he and his wife in the same settlement but she moves. I've done it three times and she keeps moving somewhere else. I saw somebody post about this issue for 1.5.6 beta, but thought I should make a new thread to ask, is there another...
  9. Dynasties and Succession

    We know that players can have children who can become playable characters upon the death of the parent character, but what would happen if the player had multiple children, but only one may inherit? It would make sense for the other children to stay around as companions so long as the new player...
  10. Resolved A.I. Nobles Not Continuing Their Lineages/ Not Marrying & Reproducing

    Summary: While playing in the game, the noble leaders of other factions die off and do not leave any heirs. This happens to other clans, not just the ruling clan, in any given faction as well. The result is the number of notable characters reducing/ dying off every day without replenishing the...
  11. aG3NTo

    Resolved Beta 1.5.5 Age and Birth are disabled by default applies to old Savegames

    Since the new Beta i tried to open an old save and experiment around. The save has more than 3000 days played. Now marriages start with NPCs, but now no new kids are being born, and worse: My own kids who are underage are stuck at 17. So my main character will not age, my kids wont grow and i...
  12. Faster Passage of Time + Balancing

    EDIT: Seems like such a mod does exist! For those interested, I present Pacemaker by @zijistark Hello Everyone, My question here is two-fold: Is there a mod wherein the passage of time is sped up? Further, does such a mod balance the issues which arise when speeding up time? To provide some...
  13. Resolved Children show up in the inventory dropdown menu

    Summary: After completing the main quest "Rescue Your Family" your children will show up in the inventory dropdown even if they aren't in your party. How to Reproduce: Complete "Rescue Your Family" and open the dropdown menu for selecting heroes. Media (Screenshots & Video):
  14. Xaerdys

    [Issues - Children] Why do my characters sister and my little brother not share her skin colour?

    I created a very dark skinned Aserai woman. Her older brother and parents share her skin colour, but her siblings do not. I this a bug or a (missing) feature? Or just a very rare occurrence (gene jumping a generation?) perhaps?
  15. Any update on Children?

    I haven't played in a couple of months now and have seen multiple dev posts about updates but have never seen anything involving the children. When I was playing back in June children would basically never grow up. Has this been fixed and the long-term family aspect to the game been implemented...
  16. Aging mechanics, and what happens after you and first lords die.

    There's lots of conflicting info out there, so thought I'd ask here. What exactly happens after you die, and what happens after first lords die? Children take over, right? So can they marry, get pregnant, and do all things that can be done in ''beginning'' of the game?
  17. Adult children/heirs have been removed?

    Hey so recently I posted a bug report about how my main heroes ADULT children are not spawning into the map world. They reach 18, and even older, and remain only as data. In clan tab they are described as "HOLDING" at usually "Chaikand." A community support staff listed my reports as "solved"...
  18. Resolved Children not spawning/activating upon reaching adulthood.

    Summary: Children turning 18 and still remaining in "HOLDING" status, usually at "Chaikand." Reproduced on a vanilla save. Only way to activate them was to assign them as a governor then unassign them. This is restricting for mercenary/nomadic playthroughs. How to Reproduce: Start new game...
  19. Bannerlord, how to make a spawn character?

    Some of my children are 21 years old and did not show up, the game says that he is in my city but they do not show up, I want to know what command should I execute on the console to force them to spawn? to do this, do cheats need to be activated?
  20. Resolved Offspring not able to form a raid party

    Our three sibling can form a party and be called to an army. this allows them to level up and be good for governors positions. My children can't. I also cannot marry them off. Can't marry Siblings off either. It seems most of the lords of sturgia are not marrying. I have death enabled. The map...
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