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When player is offered a marriage for a clan member, atleast reveal the age of the spouse offered when couple would end up with the player.
My only requirement might be they are able to breed för atleast a few years. Feels so hollow to savescum because of this :smile:

Allow me to auto-decline marriage offers. I may want my sister to stay.

Allow me to cross-marry clanmembers with my companions! :smile: They remain companions, kids are clanmembers. Kids and spouse leave with companion if companion is made a vassal. Companion married with clanleader(AKA you, the player!) cant be made a vassal.

Generate 10 randomly aged/gendered kids to each faction at gamestart. Just randomly devided between clans. So boring with 18 years of no new nobles in starting clans. The only nobles to mature during first 18 years is the 2 younger siblings of the player.

Make AI build workshops and send out caravans. Idle clanmembers in AI clans are boring.
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