1. Weapon Cloth Physics Finally Enabled. Thank You Taleworlds

    Cloth physics on weapon has long been a request. Finally its enabled and this is exciting as now we can finally add banners to polearms. Don't know why embedding is not working for me. Probably a setting from youtube. Will check it out.
  2. HalfMetalJacket

    The Untapped Potential of the Notables system

    Made this suggestion a while ago and its been about two years. Its not getting traction though, so I'm going to try revive it here. I think TW has something very interesting going on with the notables system... and yet they don't quite realise the actual potential of it. You want to keep a...
  3. Buttered_Oranges

    Ideas for Improving Immersion of Wanderers and Nobles.

    In Bannerlord, there are always a few features that I felt were missing when it came to Noble's and Wanderers. These being: Clans Being able to recruit Notables: I believe that if AI noble clans were able to recruit wanderers as members of their clans, this would greatly diversify the...
  4. five bucks

    What happened to "building a criminal empire"?

    Publicly showcased Bannerlord gameplay demo from 2016: https://www.taleworlds.com/en/Games/Bannerlord/Blog/15']Devblog which followed the demo: Steam Store page description, visible to everyone buying Bannerlord since March 2020: For 5 years, Taleworlds has told the 5,000,000+ people...
  5. Grimmjow

    Turnuvalarda Bahis

    Turnuvalarda bahis sisteminde hep uzun süredir neden böyle dedirten bir şey var aklımda. Neden bahsi bir tek kendi üzerimize oynayabiliyoruz? Hani Warband'de de böyleydi eyvallah ama garip değil mi yalnızca kendimize oynamak? Katılmadığımız diğer turnuva katılımcılarına da bahis oynamak daha iyi...
  6. Stre0

    Is it bug or a feature?

    Look at this picture please, and share your thoughts.
  7. Grimmjow

    Zırh Askılığı (Feature)

    Model gördüğünüz gibi. Bunun eklenmesinin gerekli olduğunu düşünüyorum. En azından lord salonumda zırhlarımı sergilemek güzel olur. Hem oyunda en guçlü zırhı alınca zırh satın almayı bırakıyoruz. Lord salonunda birkaç tane bundan olursa bana yeni zırhlar aldırmak ve sergiletmek için bir...
  8. Calabanar

    Executing Troops

    A simple feature I kind of expected to be in the game is the ability to execute prisoners, not only heroes. It would make for an interesting faction bonus for battanians or sturgians, perhaps as a small boost to renown. Obviously it would increase chances of getting the cruel trait, but it...
  9. Nodice83

    Name 3 features you would like to see implemented in the next - not yet started - update / patch !

    EDIT - POLL #1 RESULTS can be read here -> https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/name-3-features-you-would-like-to-see-implemented-in-the-next-not-yet-started-update-patch.440380/post-9673225 Howdy Fellow Forumites, It bothered me for some time that our voice is not very well...
  10. Bleyck

    A deeper Peace Treaty / Settlement Occupation system (long post)

    TL;DR: In Bannerlord once you take a settlement, it instantly becomes part of your faction. This results in snowballing since the attacker faction immediatly have acess to the settlement's resources and is allowed to take a great ammount of territory from a weakened enemy without peacing from...
  11. stefan_andrei_28

    Shield Size display on UI

    Greeting! I want to ask developers to add to the UI a feature showing the size of shields, how large they are vertically and horizontally, just like it was in warband. Thank you, have a nice day. :smile:
  12. stefan_andrei_28

    Add companion attributes to the encyclopedia

    Greetings Developers! I would like to suggest a new feature to be added in Bannerlord. The encyclopedia is a good way to help players to choose what companions they want to go and search for. Listing the companions best skills in the encyclopedia is avery usefull thing to have. But I myself...
  13. [Request] Please add functioning beard and hair tags xml tags for modders!

    Hello, I'm a mod author of a few Bannerlord mods on the Nexus. One of my greatest annoyances with the way we create troops and characters, is that we basically assign them a range of options between a min and a max. While this is convenient for randomization for some options such as facial...
  14. [Request] Please allow hair tags and beard tags for characters and modders!

    Hello, I'm a mod author of a few Bannerlord mods on the Nexus. One of my greatest annoyances with the way we create troops and characters, is that we basically assign them a range of options between a min and a max. While this is convenient for randomization for some options such as facial...
  15. Septimius Tullius

    Research Topic - Multiplayer Emotes

    So when I saw this in the patch notes for v. 1.4.3 I got to thinking, maybe the multiplayer part of this feature is semi-implemented, so we can get a "sneak peak" for what this feature is going to look like. Turns out I was correct.... The campaign.assets.BANK, when "de-.Banked" is a folder...
  16. Andrei[beast]

    Did TW remove the option to ask lords to find others?

    I recently considered starting the quest with talk to 10 lords about the artefact thing. I had to first find Lucan and i had a hard time finding him. I thought that id i join the Northern Empire i could ask the lords where he is, as in Warband you could ask the lords in your nation, and cannot...
  17. ileboii

    Lord's Council - More interactive followers

    I thought that the current follower system is kinda barebones. You can't really do anything with them, except gain passive buffs for your party, until your main hero gets some skills, or send them to a few quests. Then I thought that in Crusader Kings II you could assign your own council that...
  18. Crucifixion instead of execution in an Empire

    This is a suggestion, Execution is a great feature! But crucifying people would be much better especially in an Empire. Because execution is not the imperial way of punishing people. Criminals usually got nails in their wrists because of their guilt. The feature of crucifixion would be so cool...
  19. ileboii

    AI Clans won't marry and go extinct. Two simple solutions.

    It's kinda lame that AI lords wont marry => wont reproduce => clans go extinct So in the end the player is left alone in Calradia until their clan dies too because no one to marry with. I don't see any point in aging and dynasty management because of this. There are two simple solutions that in...
  20. General thoughts, missing features

    Hy all. This is my opinion after 60 hour gameplay in Bannerlord. I played VC a month before Bannerlord release and i think VC still have more interesting thing what Bannerlord should take over. In general i think Bannerlord is an upgraded Warband but not a complete new game which is not a...
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