1. WouLinX

    Noble Units with Tamed Wild Animals

    I think game would be awesome and has a great variety if you add these tamed wild animal units. For me, it's like that: Sturgia - Bears Battania - Black Jaguars Vlandia - Lions Empire - Tigers Khuzait - Gray Wolves Aserai - Cheetahs
  2. Resolved Units in Shield Wall formation no longer run

    Self-explanatory. Units will only begin to run once they are very close to the enemy. This is very frustrating, and I hope this isn't an intended effect because it just leads to an excessive amount of micro.
  3. Unit Sorter

    Only a small suggestion, but I've found it useful to have the units in my party sorted by tier and class. especially mid game when my part consists of over 150 units of 60 different kinds!
  4. niekdegrijze

    Differentiate between Empire factions by Auxiliary forces

    The 3 empire factions are to similar to each other. To much of a difference would not make sense lore wise, but giving them an dedicated auxiliary troop line would make them look and feel different. for example: N. empire: a single troop tree from Sturgiun recruit to Line breaker. W. empire...
  5. Resolved Entering highout with more than 10 people

    While chosing unints you can make the negative quantity using "shift" + "-" and than taking another unists. You can see the screenshots. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11jnpxTHq_TpXpUGMOP3WxbkH2byOsNsU?usp=sharing
  6. niekdegrijze

    Explanation on how the different unit formation groupings affect the AI?

    Does anybody have a list of how different formations(unit groupings 1 -8 ) react to all the orders? there is a difference in how infantry or archers react to "charge" or "advance". with "advance" being preferable. Is there also a difference in AI behavior for groupings 5 to 8? (heavy...
  7. A way to make troops more organic and decrease work time

    Hello, i hope this fits here, because well, its something that affects a huge part of the game (characters as in units and so on) and i hope that a developer gets to read this so this can be considered (if it hasnt already, maybe it came up and just doesnt work) the way troops are given gear...
  8. Various issues i've come across

    Forgive me if I've included something already in the Known Issues, let me know and I will mark it out. Troops - Sturgian Woodsman is in control group 2 (Archers) when he only has javelins. Should probably be in control group 1 (Infantry). - Mercenary Guard, Mercenary Crossbowman and Vlandian...
  9. Apocal

    Total Troop Type Counter on the Party Screen

    The game already counts the different troop types on the map, why not on the Party screen as well?
  10. DawnPatroleum

    Resolved Minor bug: Unit portraits look warped

    Summary: When opening up army menu when transferring prisoners or units from garrison, certain cavalry units are warped looking in the little portrait. This also happens when recruiting out of settlements. Affects Jawwal Bedouin, Jawwal Camel Rider, and Ghulam. There could be more that I am...
  11. Lornloth00

    Troop tree equipment stats.

    Can we get a peak at the equipment and equipment stats in the troop trees please? We can get more insight if we can see what types of clothing, armor, weapons and horses each unit uses. This would help a lot and it has always bugged me.
  12. Agroplode

    More keys than 1-8 please

    I want to divide my army into smaller units and have better control of who does what and keep several units in reserve. I was thinking if its possible to make some shift+1 to shift+8 and ctrl+1 to ctrl+8 etc?
  13. Units are still too fat/wide in 1.3.0?

    Ever since 1.1.0, many units were beefed up beyond normal looking proportions as seen here: Imperial Legionary before 1.1.0 and now (1.3.0 beta)- Armor can make a person look fatter, but this is too much and a tad unrealistic looking. Imperial Bucellarii before 1.1.0 and now: They're so...
  14. Need More Info Black boxes around unites in army after updating to beta branche 1.2.0

    Hello, I just updated the game to beta branch e1.2.0 and I have not seen this issue before. I created a new campaign and in the second battle, I got hit be a rock from a Looter and all units suddenly had black flickering boxes around them. After that I have tried a few battles and they have...
  15. Need More Info [BUG] Companion and Lord parties recruit Units from raided/destroyed villages

    Summary: Lead an Army with your companion parties and Lord parties. Enter any raided village and they will recruit Units from that village. Not exactly sure about Lords but Companions definetly do, as you can inspect their parties. The numbers from the lords also show they recruited units. How...
  16. GG Cannon

    Wrong stats in Jawwal units

  17. AndrewBones

    Resolved Unit grouping breaks on Delegate Command ON

    Hello I noticed a very strange behavior, where my archers got grouped into infantry, cavalry to archers and so on very randomly. It turns out that the delegate command also has access to the F7 "Transfer" command and it seems to use it in a very bad way. - Enter battle, look at groups (1,2,3..)...
  18. Swe1Zy

    Appearance of units

    Hello, I switched to 1.1.0 and it seems to me that all the units have become too large,my character is like an ant compared to them. They are also too wide. I think you should make them the same size as in 1.0.10. Thank you!
  19. Brigand - Highway man - Vlandian Champion. Warhorse at each stage.

    When upgrading a brigand it costs a warhorse. When upgrading a highway man it costs a warhorse. Either brigand to highway man should only cost a normal horse or highway man to champion shouldn't cost an extra warhorse. War horses are hard enough to get since almost nowhere sells them, and...
  20. Horse archers are the worst.

    They're clearly superior to almost every other unit. Maybe other cavalry stands a chance? It's all about their annoying tactics. They just circle and run away while taking (seemingly infinite) pot-shots at you and your units. Even if you're on horseback yourself, you try to chance them and...
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