1. Resolved Vlandian Levi Crossbowman considered Infantry

    I am not entirely sure this is a bug, but the first Vlandian crossbowman you promote from the Vlandian recruit is listed as infantry. This can be fixed manually by changing it's formation to 'II', but the formation will reset after your party no longer has any. Can be a bit annoying. Please...
  2. UK-Tranquillity

    Resolved Infinite Troops Exploit/Glitch - Can be game breaking

    Hi Taleworlds, Won't go into too much detail as I've made a short 4 minute video showing you how to replicate the issue. But essentially the player can exploit the clan parties system to keep generating 25 troops -- immediately disbanding the new party, and repeat. Can sit there and keep...
  3. BL Coding How do i add new units to the unit tree?

    Hi, currently i'm trying to add new units to the existing ones/ reworking the existing units. (For now this is just for me to mess around/ learning the basics etc.) But when i create a new unit in the .xml (like adding a new upgrade path to vlandian recruits) the game crashes. what do i need to...
  4. joverman

    AI of SOLDIERS need better movement skills/behavior (SIEGE/BATTLES)

    Everyone love that moment when your army is running into enemy troops. Map is full of your units, battle atmosphere, action... BUT after clash, when everybody fighting face to face, it looks like one big mess of something alive. They are all crammed on each other like worms. Feel is...
  5. joverman

    UNITS are SMALLER than in WARBAND ! why ?

    Is that because of camera FOV or something... but when i saw (physical) size of units and HORSES, i was shocked. Can somebody fix it or make a mod? Warband is 100% more realistic in this. Thank you
  6. TBS AlexDK

    Horse units

    It would be nice, to be able to see what type of horse you need for the different horse units
  7. bunkryan

    Resolved Vlandian Sergeants loading with wrong weapons

    I've noticed that a lot of times they'll either load with a billhook and no shield or a sword/shield instead of a mace/shield. Not sure if many other units do this as well but it's possible
  8. Troop info gets too long

    In comparison to Warband we can toggle with alt now to see all troops, but if there are to many we can't see it out of the screen. I don't even know if this are troops or prisoners. Scrolling through it would be nice.
  9. Automate Units Recruiting

    Hi all, Does any of you know if it is possible, as in warband, to automate recruiting in towns and castles ? Good game, Spamalot
  10. I love the idea of formations and commanding your units but it's lacking in it's current state.

    I like the whole aspect of formations but different formations seem to make no difference in any way. aside from shield wall against archers, because if you don't order them to go into a shield wall many units seem to openly invite arrows into their faces. Square formations don't really stop...
  11. gamester494

    Troop replenishment rate

    Hey guys, I noticed during my campaign that AI lords have hard time recruiting new troops and training them. Several lords have max 30 to 60 units, same goes with everyone else in the world. Because of this, there is not allot of action. Do you guys face the same issue? If i turn on easy...
  12. Choosing which units to bring into a hideout battle

    Is there a way to choose which units I bring into a hideout battle since when I fight battles in which hideouts have more archers I'd bring more or only archers? I get stomped hard when fighting opponents that use bows.
  13. Raise the meek Leadership perk doesn't work.

    Not for every unit anyway. I have empire recruits and empire peasants. The peasants get 30 exp a day. The recruits get 0. Recruits should be level 1 units since they're the lowest of that kind you can get... If I'd known this skill was useless I would have taken the one that gives all units a...
  14. Unit control! Captains! An Optional idea!

    I had an idea after watching a multiplayer battle! The captain, which is the main character, always has to run back and forth between different units like cavalry, archers, and infantry to control them! This is find an dandy. But I had an idea! An idea I would like to share to possibly make the...
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