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Hi all,
This somewhat complicated suggestion, sorry.

  • Cultural Shift Units: If the cultural shift is implemeted (a way for a fief to change culture after time or x thing), that units change too, but instead of having for example khuzait troops in an Imperial settlement, to have "imperials" with khuzait like things, the easier way would be having khuzait troops with imperial human models, would be nice if imperial armors were added to this "troop tree".
Note: This would be a little complex, since per each faction would have its Original tree , and then mixed trees (1+ 6) x 6 factions = 42 troop trees. Way too high.

  • Clan Unique Units: That certain clans (or all) to have a unique noble troop tree instead of the "normal" one, ex: Northern parts of the empire to have Noble troops with influence of sturgians/battanians, southerns to have aserai, eastern to have khuzait influece, western vlandian, and so.
  • This could be special troops, like bowmen, riders, equipment and so on.
  • And for the player to be able to chose/create a custom, thus when certain clan has control over region (fief) to spawn this special noble troop trees.
As always thanks for reading, please leave a coment.

vota dc

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Wouldn't use the word Clan unique units since fiefs change their ownership but the idea Is good. I think that game should allow culture and subculture
Yeah culture and subculture would be nice.

The idea behind clan uniques, is that: Clans are a group of people that share bonds of blood or traditions. Thus when a clan takes over a new fief will bring it's people to rule over such region.

Normally this people would then be "noble", so for example the khuzaits are supposed to be a mix of different nomadic people (mongols, turkish, cumans, etc) so little differences between each clan "noble" troop tree would be nice.

For example: Khuzait Clans
  • Northern: To have sturgian influence (cumans/cossacks).
  • Central Western: To have imperial influence (chinese).
  • Central Eastern: Normal (Mongols)
  • Southern: To have aserai influence (turkish).
It would be as some minor factions that have their own troop trees.

Berzerker Jay

I like the idea of unique units to your clan. I think it would need to be fairly costly to design, but I don't think it would be necessarily hard to implement. It could work as easily as a rare chance that militia generation in a player-controlled settlement will instead produce a unit from the clan's noble line. This chance could increase or decrease in relation to the settlement's prosperity.

The same could apply to player-controlled villages, with a noble recruit having a chance to be the clan's instead of the culture's noble tree.

As to the design of this noble line, maybe the player would have to first obtain the equipment the units will wear and wield, and apply that to a blank unit, with equipment, attributes, and skill-points all adding to a total that must not exceed a certain level set for each tier. Would be cool to have this also affect the amount of XP required to upgrade the troops. Then of course the player would get the chance to name them.

I've been wishing we had the means to have units like the other minor factions.
Would be nice maybe if you could recruit troops from your governor in cities. I mean it's weird that some dude with a pottery shop has people coming to him volunteering for military service whereas the city's governor doesn't.

Say you install a governor, they offer you recruits of their culture or maybe the culture of your faction. Not sure about the technical challenge of notables offering different troops exclusively, but the capability of having mixed recruits of different cultures in a single settlement has been proven by mods. Either that or the governor's presence encourages mixed recruits amongst other notables too.
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