Allow players to assign all "discovered" Troop Types to different Group Formations

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One of the most annoying aspects of the Party System at the moment is the Troop Groups that constantly shuffle around because of Prisoners/Clan Parties/Garrisons/etc resetting their Formation Type upon changing hands for seemingly arbitrary reasons. Not only that, but if I don't have immediate access to a unit I can't control what formation it's in meaning I need to constantly make small modifications to units as I acquire them if I'm looking to change how units are placed (Taking recruits out of the main infantry pool, or moving my 2 handed units to another group to avoid getting them pelted with arrows during a shield wall)

I'd propose that instead of changing a Troop's Formation under their name in the Party Screen, create a new button there labeled "Formation Groups" that takes you to a sorting screen. In that sorting screen are all 9 categories labeled page by page with prefab modifiable headers per group (Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, Heavy Infantry, Light Infantry, Shielded Infantry, Skirmishers, etc. Could even add additional non-standard groupings such as Bodyguard, Companions, Auxiliaries, etc)

Within these categories all the normal default troop roles would apply but only after you "discover" a unit (Recruit 5 Imperial Recruits, take 3 Looters Prisoner, upgrade 3 Imperial Infantrymen would result in the 3 units listed showing up in the "Formation Groups" tab forever) Allow Companions and family to be listed here too.

Finally, a bit of a sidetrack to this system. When choosing Formation Captains. Please let us choose who is the captain of what and don't let Cavalry Agents be Infantry Captains and vice-versa. It's incredibly annoying when my dismounted infantry is stuck in my Cavalry group and my Horsemen companions are trapped in infantry groups.
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