SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Suggestion: #MakeMercsGreatAgain (A post advocating for an increase in the strength of mercenary units and mercenary clans)

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In the real medieval / classical times, mercenaries were often incredibly powerful tools. This is because mercenaries were often highly experienced and were well equipped. It was quite expensive to hire mercenaries, but it was well worth it for states that couldn't reliably retain armies in peacetime.

Obviously in Bannerlord this isn't an issue for the various factions. The game is designed such that you don't have to retire your entire force during peacetime, and I obviously think that's a better system. However, mercenaries in the game are left feeling exceptionally weak. All of the mercenary unique troop lines are awful, from hired mercenaries and hired blades to the actual mercenary clans' troop lines.

I think this is a shame, because as a player, mercenaries aren't very interesting. I personally never hire mercenaries from taverns, and I definitely haven't ever hired mercenary clans to fight for my kingdom. If mercenaries were remade to be a more legitimate and concerning threat, I think this would make their place in the game much more important and relevant.

Furthermore, mercenaries should exist on the Diplomacy screen or on a separate tab available for hire via menus. It's quite tedious to have to go look around for the various clans to hire them. As well, I saw a recent post on Reddit suggesting that you should be able to petition an engaging enemy mercenary clan to switch sides; it should be expensive, but that would be an interesting feature.

Prophesy of Pendor, as well as other mods, did an excellent job with their mercenary troop lines. Some were relatively weak, but others were incredibly powerful but came with a high expense. I'd like to see more of that in Bannerlord, because right now there's very little incentive to hire mercenary troops or mercenary clans because they're just so weak.
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