1. Gustafssonz

    Resolved 1.5.8 Missing Texture/graphics in recruitment-window.

    There is many issues regarding texture that is missing, shadow, "blured" texture, wrong color etc.
  2. Cherkez

    [WB][SP]Native More Troopers Mod

    Native More Troopers Açıklama: Native orijinalliğini bozmadan krallıklara ekstradan askerler eklendi ve krallıklar arasında bir nevi güç dengesi sağlandı.Vanilla oyunu bozmadan eğlenmek isteyenler için. Eklenenler: +Krallıklara ekstradan birimler +Kelle avcılarında artık kesinlikle 1 adet...
  3. FiftyTifty

    PartyTemplates.xml - Nested OR operator

    Currently, there is no way to pick between multiple entries. Instead, you have a % chance to spawn a troop in a party, with no actual flow control. To add variety, we need an OR operator for the XML. For example: <MBPartyTemplate id="sea_raiders_boss_party_template" > <stacks>...
  4. SP - General Clan Unique Units / Cultural Shift Units

    Hi all, This somewhat complicated suggestion, sorry. Suggestion Cultural Shift Units: If the cultural shift is implemeted (a way for a fief to change culture after time or x thing), that units change too, but instead of having for example khuzait troops in an Imperial settlement, to have...
  5. FiftyTifty

    Integrating New Troops?

    Spent the past couple days creating female variants of every main faction's troops, and I'm now at a loss as there's no real information on how to do this. So far, I've done: Created new templates for each race, using the NPCCharacters XML. Gave each template a unique ID Created duplicates of...
  6. Medivhtratos

    Resolved Wrong Unit/Troop stats

    So this is just a little bug, but at least it is one :smile: Some Units doesn´t have the "right" stats, regarding their type Still, best example: Battanian Oathsworn(Infantry) Skill: 130 Riding, 80 Athletics Aseri Veteran Faris(Horse Skirmisher) Throwing: 80 => Aserai Faris, one Tier lower...
  7. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.3] Troop starting spawn stuck in terrain

    Hi, I just entered a battle and one of my troop starting spawn point was stuck in the terrain:
  8. BrokenOlive

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Suggestion - Troops get better the longer the game goes on; with possibly new troops unlocking.

    So I don't know if this is possible, or should be used for a regular game, but it would be great fun to mess around with. Also, all of this should apply to the AI as well, not only the player, granted the player usually always has a advantage, but still. So I was thinking it'd be interesting...
  9. genrev0914

    SP Other Supreme Kingdom x Merchant City

    Supreme Kingdom - A feminist mod. Overpowered kingdom (Unless the members defect) Merchant City - Most prosperous town in Calradia, Creating a caravan here will give you the best guards Contents: Mod Link is here: Supreme Kingdom x Merchant City Please Check My Modding Tutorials Pure...
  10. Looking for a certain Battanian "Highland Mail Shirt" ID

    I am making a new Troop Tree for the battanians and I am unable to find the "ID" for the new armors that have been added. They are "Highland Mail Shirt", and the shoulder piece "Highland Mail Shoulders". I've looked throughout Spitems.xml, and SpnCharacters.xml as well as many other .xmls that...
  11. burni

    Making a horse un-"lame"

    When you have a Lame Horse/Warhorse, you can go to the party menu and upgrade a troop, which needs a horse/warhorse. When using the lame horse for that purpose, you can then cancel the upgrade by closing the menu and voilà, you have a regular horse/warhorse instead of the lame one.
  12. Sturgian spearmen just doesn’t look like a Tier 4 troop

    So you guys have noticed that Sturgian spearman’s been wearing the leather tabard that’s like only 20 body armor and it’s worse than previous sturgian soldier’s armor which led to a huge downgrade on them. I tested it on multiplayer battles with Vlandia vs Sturgia on a total infantry fight, my...
  13. Apocal

    [1.4.3 / 1.5.0] Khan's Guard Loadout

    tl;dr - Khan's Guards (Khuzait T6 noble) with one quiver are a downgrade from Kheshigs (Khuzait T5 noble) with two quivers. Instead, Khan's Guards get... a mace. The mace isn't really good for what Khan's Guards are (hybrid HA/shock cav). The AI sometimes makes questionable decisions when...
  14. frozenpainter

    Troops Equipmant

    In module_dialogs, I want to change a troop equipmant, I used this [anyone|plyr,"regular_member_talk", [(this_or_next|is_between, "$g_talk_troop","trp_kingdom_recruit","trp_harzem1"),(is_between,"$g_talk_troop",mercenary_troops_begin, mercenary_troops_end),], "I want to manage your...
  15. SP - General Some Thoughts After 100 Hours- Army Building, Dialogue, Economy, Crafting and Clan Management

    I've been playing this game a ton, and absolutely love it! I'm a huge fan of the premise, and most of what the game does is excellent. There are a few hiccups, as one might expect, but mostly excellent content and mechanics. After about 100 hours in campaign I have a number of thoughts I want to...
  16. Gustafssonz

    Resolved 1.4.1e: All Armed Traders are missing Bow-skill.

    All Armed Traders from all factions are missing the Bow skill.
  17. Lornloth00

    SP - UI Troop tree equipment stats.

    Can we get a peak at the equipment and equipment stats in the troop trees please? We can get more insight if we can see what types of clothing, armor, weapons and horses each unit uses. This would help a lot and it has always bugged me.
  18. Holy Shift

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops With Last Updates; Sturgian Woodsman Must Become Archer

    All malee tier 2 infantries have shield and 2 type of weapons by last update. This is not a complain and troop balance is better like that in my opinion. But in this stuation woodsmen is very weak and Sturgia still suffering in autoresolve. You can consider to add more javelins too.
  19. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops What Exactly Does Troops' Skill Level Do, Functionally/Mechanically?

    Like, if a troop unit has 130 in one-handed for example, what does that functionally mean? Do they have access to the same skills PCs have for having a skill at that level? What happens when there's an either/or perk, is it randomized by the individual troop? Does it affect damage or stats...
  20. Holy Shift

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Aserai Tribesman (Tier 2) Equipments

    First, i'll tell you i never played in Aserai faction. That means both my opinions are little bit from far view and i look objectively. I think Aserai Tribesman spear must replaced with basic one handed sword and javelin or maybe just with one handed sword. My main reason to see this better is...
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