1. Aragas

    [Tool] Localization Parser

    This tool allows to extract every hardcoded localization string (e.g. `{=TauRjAud}{NAME} of the {FACTION}`) from the game's libraries or from a module's libraries to a .csv file. Link to the GitHub repository. Using as a dotnet Tool Installation 1. Install the latest .NET 5.0 Runtime. 2. Run...
  2. Meaning481

    1.5.10 has a small punctuation error in the English cutscene subtitles.

    Dear development team. There is a small error in the English subtitles of the newly added campaign cutscene that I hope can be easily fixed. There is a contracted "it's" in one of the lines that is spoken as the possessive "its" by the narrator. I hope this is easy to fix. I otherwise love the...
  3. Thai Localization (Bitmap Font)

    The problems we face now: # game cannot be displayed in Thai correctly. When translated, the result displayed as a square box # We found that games use Bitmap fonts and PNG files in the game package that we are unable to edit # And we have also found that one of your "Galahat fonts" in TTF...
  4. OliverWu

    Discussion about Community Contribution to Modding Kit and Documentation

    Hi Taleworlds, Thanks for your work on Modding Kit and Documentation, I (as a team member of YiGu Studio, who are working on MB2 ThreeKingdoms Mod now), want to contribute to make our Modding Tools better! AFAIK, the texts/strings in Modding Kit are hardcoded, which makes localization very...
  5. Who are you? - Said my sister

    Hello! I'm sure others may have commented on this in the past, but just wanted to say that I find it very strange that my brother and sister have no idea who I am. One afternoon in the localization files to swap this to "Greetings, [insert gender of family member]! How are you?" would be great...
  6. wesir

    BL Coding User Editable Localization?

    I have a mod with a fair amount of downloads and was wondering if anyone knew of a localization solution/nuget package that would generate localization files that a user could edit/test and then PR back into my mod. I know I can make a resx file to do it but I only speak english (and probably...
  7. Crowdsourcing official localization?

    In my time as a volunteer translator with several major platforms, especially Early Access games on Steam, I've seen how open translation works out given different kind of games, ie. Minecraft's very simplistic nature to more narrative-based games requiring entire scripts to be translated, and...
  8. HunterZeno

    [Bannerlord] TRADUZIONE ITALIANA (Main Patch e1.5.0)

    Salve! Sono riuscito a tradurre buona parte del gioco, seppur vi sono alcuni bugs che sto cercando di risolvere. Questo perché la modalità di traduzione da me utilizzata non si basa sulle competenze linguistiche, bensì all'applicazione di un metodo che mi ha concesso di ottenere tali risultati...
  9. OliverWu

    BL Other How to do localization for a Mod?

    What should a Mod provide? A list of texts? After translation, how to apply the translation? Thank you!
  10. The player kingdom's name in the game logs appear as the player's dynasty name, not the kingdom's name.

    I founded the Empire of Calradia via the main quest and managed to persuade a few clans to join my kingdom. However, when a lord in my kingdom (let's say his name is Crotor) is captured by enemy lord as a prisoner, the displayed game log message is as the following: "Crotor of AwesomeFamily was...
  11. Please change the localization of Varyag to Sturgian Varyag, for consistency.

    The cultural regular troops have designated signifier at the start of their name, such as "Empire" Elite Cataphract or "Aserai" Mameluke Regular. However, this does not apply to only two troops in the game, Varyag and Veteran Varyag, which are the mid-tier Sturgian noble troops. Please consider...
  12. When do we get Russian interface?

    When do we get interface on Russian language? This spring? Summer? Never? I know that different Russian modders made moddes for this, but it is very bad quality, so I wanna get OFFICIAL version. This question is very important for many people.
  13. xmlviking5

    [BUG] Disciplinarian trait

    cannot upgrade bandit units due to the game not registering the disciplinarian bug also some other thing I noticed unrelated
  14. Elspeth

    In Progress Please Make Korean Fonts are work

    Hello! I am korean user who playing Bannerlord. Include me and many other korean users are trying to translate the Bannerlord but we met the problem about fonts. We checked Language.xml and etc. for research how it works. We already made the Korean Fonts for Navtive but we found Bannerlord using...
  15. Spanish localization

    Good morning, Somewhere I read there would only be a Latin American spanish localization. Please tell me there's going to be a Spanish localization, I'd really like to buy this game. Thank you.
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