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  1. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Co op for hideouts and battles?

    If possible to have some kind of instance, where players who want to do a hideout can check to see if others want to help. Would be really nice to clear hideouts in Co op. Like its still single player but other single players can choose to be on a online list to join for hideouts and perhaps...
  2. Rapid73

    Resolved "Advance" command doesn't work in bandit hideouts

    Summary: The "Advance" command doesn't work in hideouts, the troops just stay there unmoving. When given a different command, "Follow me" or "Charge" for example, the troops move, but come to a halt when told "Advance" again. How to Reproduce: Go to a random bandit hideout, F1 -> F4, watch as...
  3. MinhTien

    In Progress Weird red lighting and reflection in Sea Raider Hideout

    Summary: Water and other reflective surfaces, like metal armors, show a dark red reflection from an unknown source. How to Reproduce: Graphic settings are mostly Medium presets. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Note both the water and the shoulder armor...
  4. Bandit Hideout taking over the world

    TL;DR the bandits snowball into an empire with the greatest "baiting" tactic ever, killing the AI lord, my AI parties and everyting. making the game unplayable after 450+ days. I started the game with max difficulty settings, but ended up trying to setting them to easiest when trying to kill...
  5. MinhTien

    Resolved Grid pattern in the sky of Mountain Bandit Hideout in Beta e1.2.0

    Summary: A faint dot-line grid pattern appears in the sky of Mountain Bandit Hideout in Beta e1.2.0. Was not there before. I play on mostly Medium preset, but disable extra effects like Bloom, Motion Blur, Film grain, etc.. only keeping Cloth Physics and Sun shaft. How to Reproduce...
  6. toxidom

    Has anyone cleared one of these?

    I am quite scared
  7. andycott

    Hideout difficulty. A possible solution, both if you like or hate them. Detailed.

    💪 I suggest an option to choose hideout difficulty, so everyone will be happy, both who hate hideouts and who think that everything is fine. One of the most important things is that these options won't change the balance of the game, because the number of bandits remains the same by default on...
  8. Bugs & Suggestions

    We start with the bugs.... Almost none of the skills in the character tree is working. atleast none of the skills giving Increased Party size, extra companions & Influence. Suggestions: -Make us able to tell our infantry to put spears forward against calv charges instead of their swords...
  9. Attacking a Hideout

    Hi, in my opinion, there are two things that could be improved when attacking an hideout. - The ability to choose the troops and the companions that comes with us (sometimes I want to keep safe some precious soldiers or use tactics that aren't compatible with some of them). - The possibility of...
  10. Bug - Clearing a hideout gives +2 relations with only the first notable in a city or a village.

    Not sure if it's intentional but it's always +2 relations with the first notable in the settlement/city list. The rest are not affected.
  11. Unresolved Crashed While Going to Loot Screen After a Desert Bandit Hideout

  12. Hideouts--all the issues I've seen (so far?) :)

    Hello, I realize there are several posts on this already, but going to add my own issue/perception as well Windows 10, NVIDIA 2080Ti graphics card, video seems to be working fine. Several comments to the hideouts 1)CAN"T SEE what the enemy is doing, Cant see if I'm releasing my arrow at the...
  13. Unresolved Hideout Attack with army, talk with companion.

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Create army attack hideout, talk with companion in army. Video below. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Hideout Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 1.0.9 Computer Specs: OS: W10 GPU: GTX1080 CPU: i5-7600k 4.5Ghz(OC) RAM: 16GB 2133Mhz(OC) Motherboard: Tomahawk...
  14. metafa

    Reappearing bandit hideouts

    About an in-game week ago or so I cleared an incredibly hard bandit hideout, needed so much tactics and preparation, ect. Cleared around 30+ bandits there incredibly strong. I love it, it's fine. A nice challenge. But an in-game week later they are just back at the same place with the same...
  15. Troop limit in Hideouts

    Summary: I have seen, that in some hideouts there are around 20-30 enemies. When I go inside this hideout, i just get 7 men of my troop inside the hideout. With these 7 men i have no chance to win over this hideout. I think it's not a viable option to beat 10-15 men alone, because my mates have...
  16. Rogue Factions, Expanding on Bandits and Looters

    Here's the collection of ideas I had for Bandits and Looters. Obviously the suggestions can be taken piecemeal. The hope is to expand on and give depth to Bandits and Looters. Rogue Factions: Calradia should be inhabited by criminal factions, trying to spread their influence from city to city...
  17. bigbalzzz

    9 men vs 100+ bandits?

    when there is 100+bandits i am supposed to only go in with 10 men? LoL good game
  18. LewdGeek

    Unresolved [Level Design] [Shadow] [Out of World] In the top cave of the Desert Hideout, the user can observe some corrupted Shadow and OoW.

    Summary: The user can see some corrupted shadow and Out of World in the top cave of the Hideout of the Desert area. Repro rate: 10/10 Severity: 3 Version: 1.0.8 Prerequisites: N/A Step to Reproduce: Launch the title. Start or load a campaign. Go in the Desert area. Find an Hideout. Go in...
  19. LewdGeek

    Unresolved [VFX] [LOD] [Level Design] Weird VFX/LOD in the Desert Hidout.

    Summary: The Desert Hideout is having some kind of LoD or VFX that is not realistic. Repro rate: 10/10 Severity: 3 Version: 1.0.8 Step to Reproduce: Launch the title. Start or load a campaign. Go to the Desert Area. Find an Hideout. Explore the hideout. Attachments: Video 1 Note: N/A...
  20. forest hideouts

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