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  1. Tsewe

    Unbalanced Hideouts

    Hideouts are way too hard most of the times. A village elder sent me on a quest to clear a forest bandit hideout nearby. Fine, I told him, I'm gonna be ok with my top tier troops. But no. Why? Because there were more than 30+ of them in that hideout. And we're 8. Even with top tier equipment...
  2. Unresolved Arzagos Hideout

    I attacked to Istıana’s hideout twice. In the second time I gained the part of the dragon banner. I attacked to Arzagos’s hideout twice. I didn’t gain any part of the banner. Now it’s 240 days passed since I was given the task , but the hideout isn’t spawning again. I can’t continue to main task.
  3. Clearing hideouts, a thread with some advices

    Hi there, I see that a lot of people are struggling cleaning hideouts and it is in my opion the hardest part to master in the game so far. I played a lot for the last days since the realease and noticed a few things to do / not do while trying to clear hideouts. Of course I do not know...
  4. Unresolved Climbing stairs problem in hideout

    I found out that while climbing stairs, mainly wooden ones in hideout (screenshot show steppe bandit hideout, woodden stairs) character gets crouching, and cannot climb, like its stuck on texture, or looses contact with stairs plane. Warriors from your party are also affected, which makes it...
  5. In Progress Hideout Crash reproduceable.

    Summary: How to Reproduce:Look at an item on the ground before the animation for the bandit leader coming out to meet you happens (in my case refilling javalins) when he's walking towards you the option to pickup remains if you pick it up well he walks towards you (press f) it will lock up and...
  6. Unresolved No bow damage during atrtacks on hideouts

    How to Reproduce: Attack a hideout, try and use a bow on an unaware target, arrows pass right through the target without damaging. Target then becomes immune to any bow damage. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Hideout Version: e1.0.3 Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: AMD RX570 CPU: AND...
  7. Hideouts are broken

    I don't know if it's intended to work this way, but why are you forced to take a only a handful of men to invade a hideout of 40+ bandits? This must be a bug, I can't see why they would've designed it this way it's a tad stupid. Even with elite troops, 10 men isn't enough to take on 40 archers...
  8. Arctander

    Unresolved Character got stuck off edge of stairs on Northern Hideout map

    Hope this isn't a repost, tried to find it already mentioned, but seems all "map" and "stuck" are related to other things. I was definitely stuck on the spot of the screen. Jumping and crouching while trying to move couldn't get me free. Here's two screenshots so that you know where it...
  9. Cjraven

    Unresolved Mountain Bandit Hideout constantly respawning

    There is an area on the map between Phycaon and Vostrum where a mountain bandit hideout spawns and on my save there are lots of groups of bandits surrounding the hideout. After taking out the hideout and taking all the loot, these surrounding bandits will flood in and make a new hideout...
  10. Jembaited

    Unresolved Stuck on the Arzagos-Quest

    Hello TaleWorlds-Team, first of all thanks for this amazing game and all your work you are putting into it after the release. I love it so far, great experience, it was worth the wait! So now to my current problem: I am currently stuck at the 'Find another piece of the banner for...
  11. 10Nazgul

    Dying in Hideout

    If yourcharacter dies when attacking a hideout, you get captured immediately, even if you still have your soldiers fighting and over 60 soldiers standing in front of their miserable hideout. This is extremely annoying because you will lose all of your men. I don't understand the mechanic. Maybe...
  12. cyresdog

    Features that HAVE to be in the Game... i hope

    First of all, i love Bannerlord and since this is Early Access i don't expect everything to run as intented. But somehow there is one thing that really bothers me since Warband, why is there no way to Ambush someone? Why would an Outlaw run up to a Caravan and be like "Lets fight - Alright! This...
  13. In Progress Game crash on '... associates captured by Bounty Hunters' quest

    My game is crashing whenever this quest times out OR whenever I complete the hideout the quest highlights.
  14. odkupiciel375

    [Bug] Attacking sea raiders hideout ends in infinite loading screen

    Mode: SP Description: When i attack sea raiders hideout game starts loading the map and never ends it. Game does not freeze as the animation in the bottom right corner keeps playing. Other hideouts (tried those in the woods) work fine. Overall loading times are short as i've installed the game...
  15. Sea Raider Hideout with Infinite Loading Screen

    Screenshot of the hideout and it's location (Coast East of Diathma) This has only occurred with this specific hideout, the hotfix didn't help with this issue. I've allowed it to load for upwards of 30 minutes and it just sits there on the loading screen, all other hideouts do not have this...
  16. Main Quest - Arzagos Bug

    Hey, I encountered a bug during the main quest. I´m supposed to clear out banding hideout after speaking with Arzagos. After I do so (btw, that hideout is really overpowered), the quest doesn´t update even though hideout dissappears. I already have two pieces of banner at this point, this was...
  17. Resolved Sea raiders Hideout bug

    Pretty much, any Sea raider hideout I try to attack, I get stuck in the loading screen prior to getting into the battle. Any other hideout works fine.
  18. ViriathusTG

    Sea Raider Hideout bugged

    Everytime I want to attack a Sea Raider hideout I get stuck on an endless loading screen :/ Thanks for reading
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