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Resolved Crash on some Hideouts after entering

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First of all thanks for looking into it as stated on Steam (https://steamcommunity.com/app/261550/discussions/0/2799504352985222739/) there should be a report already but found no corresponding one through search...

How to Reproduce:

On Campaign Map some Hideouts crash some seconds after entering after screen fades, which in my Save seem to be only related to Forest Bandit Hideouts so far, which have a lighter green tint than those which won´t crash.

I assume those Hideouts are unoccupied as the bar on top of the screen indicates, it then tries to trigger boss fight (screen fade) and crashes, also there is no option to wait until nightfall for attack on daylight on those bugged Hideouts but an attack option at night at the right time.

already submitted crash dump via game tool

Scene Name (if related): Forest Bandit Hideout ambush

Media (Screenshots & Video): if needed i could add some screens, also save file could be provided, dump identifier provided (please make it copyable in future)

Computer Specs:
OS: Win10
Motherboard:Gigabyte x99 Gaming 5
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): Samsung 960 pro m.2 SSD


Community Support
Hi, can you try removing all of your mods, verifying your game files and recreating this issue on an unmodded new campaign? If the game still crashes, please send a crash dump through the crash uploader and post the generated ID here.


Will do, but will take some time, try to speed things up via global inventory should not interfere on vanilla i guess. Will post ID afterwards but please consider making the ID copyable as of now it is not possible to mark and copy the text out of the popup.

Also there is a dupe on topic (https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/crash-on-forest-hideaout-cinematic.431385/) which states exactly the same error but w/o mods used, still trying to reproduce issue and contribute further data.

Except it is no longer needed...


Having issues to reproduce. In my unmodded playthrough there were no Hideouts revealed by day 70+ ish. Used Console to reveal Hideouts by campaign.show_hideouts 2 and there we go again...on the entire Map there are light green "steppe bandists" Hideouts spawned which will in this playthrough not reveal even if scouting is 100+, once upon reveal and entering there is only a leave option, despite my first save there is no option to attack if manually waiting till nightfall instead after entering and forwarding time a few seconds it vanishes.

The ones with Steppe Bandits in appropriate territory were occupied, won´t vanish and have "wait until nightfall" option.

So my guess is that somehow "steppe bandits" Hideouts get spawned falsely on other territories which are then unoccupied and leading to either a crash or will vanish after first visit.

As stated in the beginning for this playthrough i can´t reproduce the issue in "vanilla" as here the option for attack is not given at no time. I can provide the save w/o crash dump if needed for further investigation.

Nevertheless thanks for looking into it and keep up the good work! Much appreciated and great EA experience so far!
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