1. Loose formation bug?

    So almost every single fight I put my archers in loose formation. After some time or after enemy units come closer my archers start to adjust their position. (I can't remember this happening with looters though). It looks something like this At the start: - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
  2. In Progress Assigning hero to formation causes wrong audio when giving orders to formations

    Summary:When a hero is assigned to a formation the formation is called on audio as if it was infantry. How to Reproduce: Assign a hero to a formation that is not infantry, and go into battle. Give any orders to the formation you added the hero into and the character calls it as it was infantry...
  3. Is the Column formation broken?

    When trying to be aggressive, I like to use the column formation to move my party or army closer to the enemy’s defensive position. I like the look of the columns, generally, and feel like it makes sense that each portion of my troops should move in that formation if we’re traveling a ways...
  4. Allow players to assign all "discovered" Troop Types to different Group Formations

    One of the most annoying aspects of the Party System at the moment is the Troop Groups that constantly shuffle around because of Prisoners/Clan Parties/Garrisons/etc resetting their Formation Type upon changing hands for seemingly arbitrary reasons. Not only that, but if I don't have immediate...
  5. Lord Ferdinand

    Resolved Formation Classes conflicts

    Summary: I'm using CA Eagle Rising mod but their devs told me this issue is not not due to the mod. The classes I give in party screen are not the same I see in battle, for example: I choose class III for praetorian cavalry and VIII for companions, but in battle I have them in both classes. In...
  6. Viranto

    Why is balance a thing for singleplayer?

    I understand that its important for multiplayer, but why is it a thing for the singleplayer? If every faction is the same, only the visual armor is changing, this destroy the replayability for me. Because at the end, no faction is unique. It makes absolutly no difference which faction i serve...
  7. Viranto

    Why does my generals attack in Formation Group and don't stay behind the line?

    I hate this, my unique generals (heroes, children, wifes) are always the units which died first in a battle, because they attack the enemy, when i give the formation group infantry or cavalry the attack order.This shouldn't happend, because as a general they should stay behind the normal units...
  8. Monkey

    Resolved [1.5.7 beta] Cavalry (3) formation has Infantry (1) formation's icon and speech

    I have only clan members (spouse, brother, sister-in-law and wanderers) in my cavalry (3) formation. They're all mounted and carry melee weapons as primary weapons and bows as secondary weapons. The rest of my party is composed exclusively of mounted archers in my mounted archers (4) formation...
  9. Olaf The Cruel

    Trapped in formation

    After 1.5.2 patch, in captain mode, moving through your own and your teams units have been made harder. And that is super annoying. If you for instance place your squad in square formation, and respawns with a soldier in the middle of it, your are trapped and can't walk out from there. Then you...
  10. TheGiodude

    Better Sorting Method for Army Units & Battle Formation

    My suggestions is more shallow than the others for this one. The current method to sort units is pretty labor intensive. I am pretty sure a better method could be implemented to make easier, faster and smarter. You could integrate this sorting system into an army view, where players can...
  11. Apocal

    Army Formation Leaders

    Please allow us to shift around our subordinates when it comes to captain positions in an army (not just a single party) at the start of a battle. Presently it says that we will have command over the whole force regardless but the person leading a formation might be wildly inappropriate for the...
  12. Formation against formation

    Hello there, Dear Devs, I have a suggestion for an optimal command during the battles. I think that it would be a very nice QOL addition to the game, if you could command a formation of your troops to attack a specific enemy formation. Perhaps if while we are pressing Alt to look at the...
  13. In Progress Cavalry Battle Start Formation Issue(Not grouping)

    It doesn't happen all the time, but my cavalry will often start the battle by bunching up into a circle as if they are all trying to stand on a single point. I also can't seee mto be able to manually spread out my cavalry, they just default to a max width of about 20 and extend their ranks by...
  14. Louis Cyphre

    Please allow the player character to lead formations and give formation-wide buffs

    If I understand things correctly then the player character can't usually lead a formation and provide formation-wide buffs. This makes many combat perks underwhelming. If I specialize in two-handed combat why should I give my melee troops the appropriate buffs?
  15. Louis Cyphre

    What does "troops in the formation you are leading" mean?

    Hi everyone. The phrase "troops in the formation you are leading" appears in many perk descriptions but the game doesn't really explain what it means. How do I lead a formation? Is it the "follow me" command? Or does it apply to my entire army?
  16. Resolved Companions stay in infantry formation despite having horses and saddles

    Summary: Since the start of my new game in this new beta, I keep giving my companions different saddles and horses but they stay in the infantry formation, even my brother. This applies to all of them except my wife. Version: e1.4.3 - Beta Installed community-made modifications: none Computer...
  17. Holy Shift

    Horn Sound When Moving with All Formations

    but to prevent overusing it; only at army vs army battles and only for ordering all formations at once. You can consider to use different sounds for different orders and cultures, even cheer sounds for charge command for intensity.
  18. MinhTien

    Tone down AI commander messing with player's troops order in siege and improve Formation command.

    Currently at the start of a siege, the AI commander will automatically take command. That's fine, I can manually retake command with F6. HOWEVER, AI commander also like to mess with your troop assignment, mixing all the troops together, so your command ability is greatly affected. I don't...
  19. Holy Shift

    Basher Perk Doesnt Match Deflect Perk with Formation Bonus

    Their personal effects are equal. But formation bonus of Deflect gives %2 attack speed and %4 damage approximately (with my weak calculation) to one handed weapons in all stuations. Basher formation bonus gives -%4 malee damage taken only in shield wall which is currently next to useless and...
  20. Holy Shift

    Important Formation Bug

    I was thinking AI was ordering group 1 to loose formation until i experience this after last update. I start to battle and order group 2 to loose, also group 1 gets loose and i cant return it to line formation.
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