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Order of Battle broken

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a few days ago i've returned to the game after over half a year and one big annoyance i had when i played it before was companions and how they were in the wrong formation

and in the over half a year i've been gone it somehow hasn't been fixed, it has in fact gotten worse

now if i go into a battle where there is any party on my side already fighting i don't get the order of battle deploy screen and my companions are randomly put in some formations it appears, and i am just assigned as the caption of the first formation, which is real great, not like i am on a horse and got a dedicated infrantry companion to be the captain of that formation who is now randomly part of the cavalry

can you
1. make it so i'm not just randomly assigned as a captain

2. Stop trying to do companion troop types automatically????

seriously, can you just stop trying to do that for me bc it obviously doesn't work???
just make it so i can set companion troop type in the party screen as well as which formation they go into.

honestly the current system feels like just a bodge instead of something actually functional, which is a ****ing disgrace honestly
This is one of those bugs that gets fixed and re-implemented a few patches later ad-nauseam throughout EA and now post 'release'. The issue is, very likely, intern makes a rookie mistake, figures it out, fixes it, finishes their academic credit, leaves, new intern replacement makes a rookie mistake, fixes it, gets credit, leaves, and so on and so forth.
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