Suggestion General ArrangementOrder - Override _runRestriction for custom formation behavior

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I'm working on a bodyguard mod where I am trying to create a custom formation that protects the player. What I'm looking to do is have some agents following the player around at full speed but in a square or circle formation.

The issue I'm running into though, is that there is a 'run restriction' field on the ArrangementOrder struct. This is a hardcoded value and for certain arrangements (such as Circle and Square) it is low.

It would be great if ArrangementOrder came with a method to override this value or even better, a way for modders to make their own ArrangmentOrders. Custom Arrangement Orders with Custom Behavior components could lead to a lot of possibilities for modders. I'm happy to elaborate more if anyone has any questions.

Another issue is forcing shield usage being tied to an Arrangement, would be great if we could change that as well.
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