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So I just watched this video and am reevaluating a few things about my strategies, let me see if I have this right and then I'll ask my questions:

So if I have this right - and correct me if I'm wrong about anything - formations aren't just hotkeys, they dictate AI behavior. And "advance" and "charge" are somewhat of misnomers. "Charge" gets into range - drawing melee weapons over polearms - while "advance" uses your best weapons and skill appropriately. Based on what formation the troops are in this will also inform their preferred targets with cavalry going after archers first, etc.

So if all that's accurate, here's my situation before my question:

So what I want to do is create a polearm division of infantry troops and use them specifically to protect my archers from cavalry charges. Almost acting as their escort, if you will. I know we've all talked a lot about how badly we need to be able to set a spear wall formation and/or/otherwise be able to "set" spears, but lacking that or any mods that do that for now, I will settle for being able to park my polearm troops a few paces in front of my archers as a protective wall while the rest of my infantry forms a shield wall and/or otherwise attacks more indiscriminately.

So my questions are: what formation should I set my pikemen in to best do this if the formations inform the AI? Will any of them tell the troops to target cavalry first? Is it possible to have a formation escort another in this way? Would creating a mixed formation help at all? Would "advance" create the effect I want or would it be better to just hold in a line, and if I should just hold a line, should my archer formation also hold a line so they don't get separated? Is any of this a useful strategy?

And if any of these things are not possible, could they be please?
I've noticed "locked shields" attack slowly in formation ? not real formations ...but maybe in the future we'll get - Rank X File formations.


Although I love this video and the channel, it is no longer correct. Do NOT tell your cavalry to advance.

Follow me also no longer seems to mimic you anymore.

Devs said they are reworking commands...


Well that's just fantastic

Are there any guides or insights at all as to what commands and formations actually do?
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