Auto-issue a “charge” command at the conclusion of a battle

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Recently, we lost the ability to issue commands after the last enemy troops begin to flee. And half the troops are now dedicated to celebrating their win. The other half continue on with whatever command they had been given prior to the last enemy troop deciding to feel. This means that troops in a stationary stance do not chase down the fleeing troops who are still on the map. Which can cause issues in some quests - requiring multiple battle interactions or choosing to auto-resolve - and doesn’t give the player a choice about whether to chase down fleeing troops or not.

There’s a couple solutions (...such as restoring the ability to issue commands). Without restoring the ability to issue commands, every troop that does not celebrate should, by default, be given a charge command. Or this can be determined by a player’s traits.
  • Merciful - troops stop altogether
  • Neutral - troops continue to follow their commands
  • Cruel - troops automatically charge and run down fleeing troops
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